"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

ADULT GUARDIANSHIP & TRUSTEESHIP ACT -Instrument of Protection or Instrument of Abuse

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 The Elder Advocates of Alberta Society were present in the

      Alberta Legislature, November 24/19, in order to again make a

      strong objection to the  unjust, legislation that disregards 

      citizenship rights and violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms      

Under this legislation, you are no longer safe in your own domicile. 
Section 104.The court has the ability to compel a senior to undergo 
a capacity assessment and permits the assessor “to enter the adult’s 
residence” for the assessment & strip you of rights.

Section 105 The Court may determine your competency in your absence, 
without an assessment, no matter where you may be. In 2008. the court 
determined Vera C. was “over the threshold” (incompetent),was apprehended 
at her home by the police, (where she was functioning and not a cost to 
taxpayers), taken to the Royal Alex Hosp. & declared a “confidential patient”, 
(hidden patient).

Section 26(1) Any “interested person” may apply for the guardianship of
 any resident in Alberta. No senior citizen in Alberta (who has money & estate)
can safely assume that they will be able to enjoy retirement, the fruits of their 
labours in peace & dignity.

Section 40(1) allows Application to the court for a review of any Order. How 
can one who has been stripped of legal rights & money, retain a lawyer to go 
to court? 20MM man, Mr. PM, had to rely on a pro bono lawyer. Mr. PM was 
unjustly locked up for 3 yrs.in an Alzheimer ward.
Section # 63, you will not be allowed to view your financial records to see 
how your money is being spent (or stolen). L.B. found that her daughter, 
trustee, was unlawfully taking money from her account. The police have yet 
to lay charges.

Section # 67, a trustee can disregard your last wishes, Will & Testament & 
liquidate property that has been specifically bequeathed in your Will, without
 notifying you.  This is happening.

Section # 74 allows ex parte Applications by Office of Public Guardian. 
On July 2010, Public Guardian & RCMP apprehended wealthy, 87 yr. old 
Myrtle Hofer of Lethbridge, stripped her of her cell phone, detained her over 
3 mos. in a back, service room of a storage area, Raymond Good Samaritan 
Care Center. Restricted her visitors, all under the guise of protection.

It must be clearly understood, that to be declared incompetent, a senior is 

stripped of    

all rights, accesss to monies, bank account statements, birth certificate, etc.  

There are no standardized guidelines / protocol to regulate competency