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Covenant Health bans Shauna McHarg

Shauna McHarg is only one of many who have suffered banning. This morning, one man who has been victimized by such protocol put it this way, “What has my 101 year old mother done that she is daily being punished by being denied the care & comfort of family?” This man, has also been arbitrarily […]

APPLICATION by Covenant Health for Judicial Review of Freedom of Information (FOIP) Adjudicator’s Decisions.

COURT HEARING Edmonton Court House, February 20, & 21, 2014 – Thursday & Friday @ 10:00 AM. Shauna McHarg, who is the subject of banning in regard to her parents who are residents at the Covenant Health Edmonton General Long Term Care Centre, has not been allowed to see her father for close to two […]

Abuse by Government

For All Canadians Who Believe That there Are Equal Rights For Everyone, And not Just For Those That The Government Decides When Convenient. Please send this to your Federal MP, and demand that they investigate the many Transgressions of the Federal Laws, by the Ontario Government. Whereas the Ontario Government, through the Ministry of Transportation, […]

Ontario Study shows paying doctors curbs unfit drivers.

The Star Editorial dated February 5/ 14, states the matter as factual, that paying doctors to be bounty hunters reduces carnage on the roads. Then, as many of those zealots who wish to get older drivers off the road, cite seniors as medically at risk, even though their illnesses are most likely being treated and […]

Statistics speak loudly

http://elderadvocates.ca/wp-content/uploads/Age-of-Drivers.jpg In Alberta, statistics clearly indicate that cognitively impaired Albertans who may cause accidents, are NOT ON Alberta roads.

Abuse of older Albertans

Daily, across this fine province, numbers of capable, cognizant seniors applying to renew their driving license, are being abused by having to subject to a medical exam, the Simard MD test & DriveABLE test, which is sponsored by the private for profit, multimillion dollar DrivABLE Assessment Corp Inc. It’s time for someone to stand up, […]

“Food For Thought” – Ed Rockburne

For those that believe that it is alright to discriminate against the elderly in Ontario by illegal means. Consider this, if it is alright to discriminate against the elderly by illegal means (false pretences), then it is equally alright to discriminate against any other Human Rights Group, by illegal means, when it suits the Government”s […]

Upcoming Court Hearing – Angelo DePinto Estate

Provincial Court, Edmonton Court House, Edmonton, AB. Tuesday January 28, 2014 @ 2:00 PM Estate Hearing – M.DePinto

Quebec Seniors Home Fire 30 missing

A horrific fire ripped through a seniors’ home in L’Isle-Verte, rural Quebec. At least five people were killed and as many as 30 are unaccounted for.Wind gusts spread it quickly through the 52 unit home.The three story building was only partly equipped with sprinklers. Many of the elderly have limited mobility, are wheelchair & walker […]

Unused, closed hospital beds

Today, NDP Health Critic David Eggen released AHS documents showing that the province could open 400 closed beds across the province tomorrow, if they would only fund and staff them. “The number of unused hospital beds in this province is appalling,” said Eggen. “We’re not even close to meeting our wait times targets – patients […]

Elder abuse by the click of a pen.

I think the unfairness of this test begins right in the doctor’s office. My husband doesn’t like going for medicals to begin with & after the medical the doctor brought out a “pop quiz”. My husband has a very low literacy and language skills and the doctor had a strong accent. He missed by about […]

No justification for Simard MD & DriveABLE pilot project

We have learned that in 2008, the Honourable Mr. Luke Ouellette signed a Pilot Project which introduced discriminatory restrictions & special testing for older drivers. Research found, that no press releases or publicity was issued at that time in regard to this matter. Publicity would have allowed Albertans to research the matter or object. This […]

Deadly neglect at Revera, Mckenzie Towne Centre, Calgary

– Violet MacDonald was a resident with dementia at the Centre. She died in October, after being sent to hospital for Septicemia {blood poisoning} caused by bedsores that had been neglected for so long, her flesh had begun to blacken and decay. This LTC is run by REVERA, a multi-national corporation that together with Extendicare […]

DriveABLE took away his licence

Our daughter, Anne, now lives in Maple Ridge, BC. She was recently driving to a Tim Hortons on the Lougheed Highway when she came across an older man riding a battery driven shopping cart right out on the highway, at great hazard to himself and to others. She thought that he must have been crazy, […]

Why Seniors Shouldn’t Get Discounts,

A most convincing presentation. However some of the alleged facts are somewhat inaccurate. We have knowledge of numbers of seniors who are living hand to mouth, having difficulty paying utilities and taxes. These individuals welcome reduced bus fares. The author also cites hotels, taxi cabs, hamburger joints giving discounts to older persons, we would love […]