"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."


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Ministerial Orders

Ministerial Orders are powerful legislative tools that are used to make important political & policy decisions. A Ministerial Order is a decision made by a Minister that does not require the approval of cabinet, or the Lieutenant Governor in Council. Ministerial Orders are routinely used to force companies to clean up contaminated sites, to address […]

Call to End Compulsory Medicals for Older Drivers

A proposal calling for the immediate abolition of medical screening of older drivers was carried at the IMO annual general meeting in Killarney. Prof Desmond O’Neill, consultant in geriatric medicine at Tallaght Hospital and a professor at Trinity College Dublin, told the IMO agm that the Republic’s current practice of granting driving licences to older […]

AMA Discrimination

HAND DELIVERED November 7, 2014 Mr. Don Smitten, President & CEO Alberta Motor Association (AMA) 11220 109 St, Edmonton, AB T5G 2T6 Dear Mr. Smitten: Promoting ageism (discrimination against individuals because of age) Thank you for your correspondence. We are gratified to note that you have removed Dr. Bonnie Dobbs, and the promotion of the […]

Senior driving corruption?

I had a talk with a fellow in B.C. this am, who was very concerned that his Mother had lost Her licence & because she lives in a rural area not close to her son, he is very concerned about her welfare and mental health. WE ALL KNOW THIS IS ONE BIG MONEY SCAM, however, […]

City harasses autistic senior

November 28, 2013 Peter Kiernan, City of Edmonton, safety Codes Officer was told by written letter that the domicile of the autistic senior has no tenants, has never had tenants, collects no rent, has never collected rent and has no intent to establish any sort of rental in the future, no Rental Manager on site. […]

Manitoba senior drivers

Manitoba does not mass monitor senior drivers. However, in Alberta, over 8,000 of Alberta’s older citizens have lost their right to drive because of mass monitoring & the application of the Simard MD & DriveABLE pilot project which is neither fair, accurate or ethical. Doctors are paid $75.00 for administering the Simard MD, may charge […]

BC draconian law

B.C. has the most Draconian & discriminatory Law against Senior Drivers of all Provinces, and cannot be justified anywhere, including their own statistics that show that seniors are the safest on the roads, & the Provincial Government gives premium deductions, from the Provincial Automobile Insurance to seniors(how come)? Under BC Law, a senior must take […]

Monitoring senior drivers, a business opportunity

Dr. Liisa Hakamies-Blomqvist is one of the world’s leading accident researchers and Scientific Director of the Swedish National Road & Transport Research Institute. Sweden, with its VISION ZERO POLICY, is one of the safest countries in the world to drive and they don’t have an age-based policy. We can remember her warning: “Based on the […]


BC is where DriveABLE prevails. They have lost control of highway safety, Photo radar causes political headaches, though it is extremely effective. The government takes the ICBC surplus, the courts & police remain terribly underfunded. Crashes, except for anything affecting seniors, are treated only as a financial issue because police and the courts are crippled. […]

Over 8,000 Albertans stripped of right to drive.

Over 8,000 Albertans have lost their right to drive as a result of sustained elder abuse by the Simard MD & DriveABlE pilot project. The Simard MD, the cornerstone of the project, was based on the false premise that: “Anyone who is cognitively intact can easily pass the Simard MD”. (Bonnie Dobbs PhD, U. of […]

Seniors are safest drivers on road

According to ALBERTA TRANSPORTATION statistics, seniors are the safest drivers on Alberta roads, it is documented they have the lowest casualty rates. It is also reality, that they do not cause the carnage on Alberta roads. This is true across Canada and the U.S. The fact that seniors are safe drivers, has now been reinforced […]

Toolkit for the Early Identification of Mental Health Disorders in Seniors

“It’s time to wake up.” This is getting damn well scary, when Bonnie Dobbs, the advisor to the Ontario, Alberta & B.C. Ministry’s of Transportation & architect of the infamous, and and faulty SIMARD, MD, dementia test for Seniors, accepted by the Governments of Alberta & BC, in dealing with Senior Drivers. Now has concocted […]

Meet the Ombudsman

Tuesday, January 27, 2014 @ 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM Old Timers Cabin, 9430 Scona Road, (99th Street North) Bus stop at site. Meet with the Alberta Ombudsman, the Office known as the voice of fairness. Ombudsman, Mr. Peter Hourihan will be present to address what the Office of the Ombudsman does and also address […]

Testing senior drivers

The Minister of Transportation for Alberta says he will not change the rules for mandatory cognitive testing of 75-plus- year-old drivers. Cognitive testing is a good idea but why are seniors, who are the most experienced and careful drivers on the road today, being targeted by the Minister? Human factors experts and road safety professionals […]

Some cuts never heal! – Rally

Wednesday, December 10, 11:30 AM – 12:30 AM Edmonton General Hospital, on Jasper Avenue between 111th & 112th Street, Rally. Please join AUPE for a pizza lunch. Covenant Health is laying off 650 nursing staff across Edmonton. We need to be enraged! hospita