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Quebec Seniors Home Fire 30 missing

A horrific fire ripped through a seniors’ home in L’Isle-Verte, rural Quebec. At least five people were killed and as many as 30 are unaccounted for.Wind gusts spread it quickly through the 52 unit home.The three story building was only partly equipped with sprinklers. Many of the elderly have limited mobility, are wheelchair & walker […]

Challenging the veracity of the Simard MD protocol

It has been widely published that the Simard MD cognitive test was developed by Bonnie Dobbs PhD and Donald Schopflocher PhD, of the Medically At-Risk Driver Centre. (MARD). We challenge the veracity of that assertion. In lectures and public presentations, Bonnie Dobbs presents the Simard MD as a product of their research. She refers to the […]

Unused, closed hospital beds

Today, NDP Health Critic David Eggen released AHS documents showing that the province could open 400 closed beds across the province tomorrow, if they would only fund and staff them. “The number of unused hospital beds in this province is appalling,” said Eggen. “We’re not even close to meeting our wait times targets – patients […]

Elder abuse by the click of a pen.

I think the unfairness of this test begins right in the doctor’s office. My husband doesn’t like going for medicals to begin with & after the medical the doctor brought out a “pop quiz”. My husband has a very low literacy and language skills and the doctor had a strong accent. He missed by about […]

No justification for Simard MD & DriveABLE pilot project

We have learned that in 2008, the Honourable Mr. Luke Ouellette signed a Pilot Project which introduced discriminatory restrictions & special testing for older drivers. Research found, that no press releases or publicity was issued at that time in regard to this matter. Publicity would have allowed Albertans to research the matter or object. This […]

Deadly neglect at Revera, Mckenzie Towne Centre, Calgary

– Violet MacDonald was a resident with dementia at the Centre. She died in October, after being sent to hospital for Septicemia {blood poisoning} caused by bedsores that had been neglected for so long, her flesh had begun to blacken and decay. This LTC is run by REVERA, a multi-national corporation that together with Extendicare […]

DriveABLE took away his licence

Our daughter, Anne, now lives in Maple Ridge, BC. She was recently driving to a Tim Hortons on the Lougheed Highway when she came across an older man riding a battery driven shopping cart right out on the highway, at great hazard to himself and to others. She thought that he must have been crazy, […]

Why Seniors Shouldn’t Get Discounts,

A most convincing presentation. However some of the alleged facts are somewhat inaccurate. We have knowledge of numbers of seniors who are living hand to mouth, having difficulty paying utilities and taxes. These individuals welcome reduced bus fares. The author also cites hotels, taxi cabs, hamburger joints giving discounts to older persons, we would love […]

Senior found murdered in elder care facility.

Castleview Wychwood Towers, Toronto Police say they responded to a call for “a medical complaint” at a long-term care facility on Christie St. north of Dupont St., around 8:30 a.m. Saturday. Found dead was Francisco DaSilva, 87, who was pronounced dead at the scene. His elderly roommate, Francesco Greco, 81, was taken into custody. and […]

Seniors are safe drivers – Letter in response to Edmonton Journal letter

ELDERLY DRIVERS NEED TOUGHER TESTS” published in Edmonton Journal letters November 8/13 According to Alberta Transportation Statistics 2010, seniors are the safest drivers on Alberta roads, deadly harm on Alberta highways is not caused by older drivers. Perhaps, B.R. McLaughlin, who fails to recognize that she is in fact elderly, & who opines that her […]

“From Bad to Worse”: Residential Elder Care in Alberta.

Focusing on assisted living [AL] and long term care [LTC], this report explores the consequences of two major, interrelated shifts in Alberta residential elder care in recent years: The replacement of Long term Care with Assisted Living. Elders who would once have been placed in LTC have increasingly been diverted into AL. The expansion of […]

Betty Anne Gagnon’s abusers sentenced.

Denise Scriven & Michael Scriven, each began a 20 month jail sentence for failing to provide the necessaries of life to 48 year old Betty Anne Gagnon. After Gagnon’s death in 2009, the medical examiner determined she died of a head injury. Gagnon, had been confined in a basement, a dog run & an unheated, […]

Re: Simard MD & DriveABLE protocol – Meeting – Saturday November 2, 2013

Meeting Saturday November 2, 2013 @ 1:00 PM for persons who have been harmed by Simard MD & DriveABlE protocol. Discussion how to stop this elder abuse. Ph. 780 438 8314 for information.

In an aging society, driving with dementia may be the new impaired driving | Toronto Star

Queen’s University has put forward a troubling study. In Alberta, dramatic measures have already been taken which we believe to be precipitous. In Alberta the Simard MD and DriveABLE protocol are in wide use. Older Albertans across the province are having their lives disrupted & devastated by this protocol. – A man, fully employed, who […]

Seniors United Now (SUN) promotes Simard MD &IDriveABLE protocol

SUN continues to hold meetings for seniors concerning the Simard MD & DriveABLE protocol. We continue to receive complaints concerning Simard MD & DriveABLE . This morning 2 calls, Friday, an anguished family member attended here. Older Albertans across the province are having their lives disrupted & devastated by this protocol. – A man, fully […]