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SIMARD MD – an evaluation

The SIMARD MD test purports to be a screening tool for  the identification of cognitively impaired medically at-risk drivers.  It consists of three questions that supposedly identify if a person  is cognitively fit to drive.  At the beginning of the test the person is given 10 words. He/she              must repeat as many as possible. […]

Melissa Ekkelenkamp missing Alberta Hospital patient.

Melissa Ekkelenkamp was admitted to Alberta Hospital a week before  she slipped out while under “close observation”.  She has not been seen  since Wed. morning, July 6/11.  According to reports, a ground search  with volunteers, was begun at Alberta Hospital on Tues. July 12/11. Family expressed concern for her well being, they have said it’s hard […]

Lorraine Adolph Fatality Inquiry. Half truths, untruths and other irregularities heard at the Inquiry.

1)  The Inquiry was told that Lorraine Adolph’s body was found 800 meters from  Building # 12, in fact it was 400 meters. 2)  The Inquiry was told that on the morning of the incident, the temperature was -2.  In fact  the morning that Lorraine was allowed to leave Building # 12 unattended, the temperature  was -17 with […]

Ministry of Transportation targets Alberta Seniors

The Alberta government is carrying out a pilot project in relation to the licensing of seniors. The protocol carried out in cooperating medical clinics is as follows:  When the unsuspecting senior arrives at the medical clinic expecting  to have a physical exam, he is led to a room by a registered nurse  who administers a […]

Alberta Hospital, another missing patient

– May 28, 1987, Nels Karsten Norregaard was known to be missing from the  geriatric unit before noon. His attending physician, Dr.  Asad Brahim, (now  Director of Alberta Hospital) failed to fill out the Form 8 to notify police of  the missing man until evening. June 1, 1987, Norregaard’s certificates  had lapsed and therefore on June […]

Lorraine Adolph, Dr.Robert Granger testifies at Fatality Inquiry

According to court testimony, Lorraine Adolph was allowed out of the  locked doors of Building # 12 at 11:00 AM, December 4, 2008. On the 2nd day of the Inquiry, the court heard a voicemail from  Psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Granger,  left for the woman’s family after  she went missing, transcribed as following. “Hi, this is […]

Lorraine Adolph, Fatality Inquiry – 1st. Day

December 4/08, 11:00 AM, the day that Lorraine Adolphe was  let out for a smoke, the temperature was -18 dropping down to -25  with a heavy wind chill of -35. A testifying constable cited “icy roads, poor visibility, heavy snow,  driving and poor walking – see only 100 meters in front of you”. Police who […]

Starvation of Son, Father found criminally responsible

An Edmonton man has been found guilty of starving his autistic son to the point he resembled a “concentration camp victim.” The 59-year-old father was found guilty of failing to provide the  necessities of life, unlawful confinement, and assault with a weapon. “He looked like a victim from a concentration camp,” said Crown prosecutor, Chantelle […]

Dr. John van Olm is cited unprofessional conduct for billing deceased patients

Dr. Van Olm billed scores of patients daily at 12 nursing homes & 4  senior citizen lodges and also some decedents. He took money from  elderly patient clients. His actions have been criminal however his  professional association, the College of Physicians & Surgeons has  suspended him for 3 months, a little holiday. This professional is probably […]

The DriveABLE Competence Screen as a predictor of on-road driving in a clinical sample

Research Article “The DriveAble Competence Screen as a predictor of on-road driving in a clinical sample” A research study by Nicol Korner-Bitensky1,2 and Susan Sofer1,3 1School of Physical and  Occupational Therapy, McGill University,  2Centre de recherche interdisciplinaire en réadaptation du Montréal métropolitain, and 3Autonomy-Community-Therapy Inc., Montreal, Quebec,  CanadPosted CONCLUSION “As a predictor of on-road failure, the Screen was […]

DriveAble driving test. Say NO.

It has been reported to us that seniors seeking to renew their driving license, who request a physical & a Medical Examination for Motor Vehicle Operators Form from their physician, are being denied the Form. Rather they are being directed to a private agency, DriveAble. Then without the senior’s permission, in violation of all privacy […]


See website -“Disciplining a Nursing Home senior” “Gloria Pickles: Human Rights Complaint at Villa Caritas

Media Coverage for Class Action Lawsuit

A number of news reports have been issued regarding the lawsuit. Below is an aggregation of these reports.

Gloria Pickles: Human Rights Complaint at Villa Caritas

Alleging that since November 2009, until the present, these persons have totally and egregiously contravened the rights of Gloria Pickles…


Jeanne Marie Hackama, Group Home Owner, “Open Arms”, Charged with Global Assault & Unlawful Confinement of vulnerable resident. April 29, 2010.