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There are no members in the Legislature

“An Alberta provincial election has been called and  with the dissolution of the 27th Legislature there  are no Members of the Legislative Assembly until  the results of the general election become official.  Following the election, biographical information of  returning and newly-elected Members will be posted  as it becomes available. During the election period,  constituency offices […]

HEARING: Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta, Thursday, April 12, 2012 at 10:00 am

APPLICATION FOR CERTIFICATION FOR CLASS PROCEEDING Ms. Jodi Pifko /Buelow and Ms. Kim Bordignon, the daughters of Mrs. Carol Pifko, have commenced legal action against the physicians, nurses, LPN’s, pharmacists, who recommended, prescribed or administered Zyprexa for their mother. Ms. Buelow & Ms. Bordignon are the Representative Plaintiffs for the estate of Carol Pifco, deceased, in an application to have the […]

Upcoming Hearing, Monday, March 19th, 2012 & March 20th, 2012 @ 9:30 AM

TIME: 9:30 AM LAW ENFORCEMENT REVIEW BOARD HEARING Margaret Saunter Room 1502, City Centre Place 10025 – 102 A Avenue, Edmonton, AB T5J 2Z2

Blaming seniors for soaring health care costs

 Alberta seniors spend less money on health related services and  supports such as emergency treatment than non-seniors.  According to the Alberta Government Demographic Planning Commission, Discussion Guide,  published in Summer 2008, Alberta seniors in 2004,  spent an average of $1,733 each on health, including health care supplies, pharmaceutical products, eye-care and health insurance premiums.  By comparison, […]

Crisis in long term care: Covenant Health Edmonton General Hospital

On February 14, 2012 the husband of Audry Chudyk visited his wife at  the Edmonton General Continuing Care Centre. He found her   in a life threatening state, in bed with her mouth open,  unconscious, in her own feces, which was also under her fingernails.   Her  roommate said she had been like that for days. The […]

Health Inquiry probe narrowed

Alberta Health Minister Fred Horne announced a public inquiry willbe held, specific to queue jumping, a matter that was not dealt with by the Health Quality Council report. The inquiry  will not specifically look into the matter of widespread physician muzzling & intimidation alleged in the scathing probe of the HQC report. The limited scope of the Inquiry will […]

Health inquiry narrowed

Alberta Health Minister Fred Horne announced a public inquiry will be held, specific to queue jumping, a matter that was not dealt with by theHealth Quality Council report. The inquiry will not specifically look intothe matter of widespread physician muzzling & intimidation alleged inthe scathing probe of the HQC report. The limited scope of the […]


Tuesday,  February 21/12, Beverly Munro courageously spoke out at a Press Conference An amazing silence followed.  No one confronted or challenged her concerning her very  public, articulate  and troubling statements.   However on Friday morning Beverly was confronted in the main lobby area by a  person unknown to her, who said she wished to assess her.  The person […]

Doctors muzzled , Health quality Council of Alberta says.

Dr. John Cowell, executive director of the Health Quality Council, has called  for a task force to build a “just culture”. The report confirmed there was  widespread intimidation and muzzling of physicians who advocated for their  patients,  The report also found that too many seniors at their end of their lives went  to emergency rooms for […]

Beverly Munro, Senior speaks out about long term care – Covenant Health – Edmonton General Hospital

 An Alberta senior has gone public with allegations of misery,  physical abuse and substandard living conditions at a long-term  care centre.  Beverley Munro says staff in her ward at the  Edmonton General Hospital physically manhandle her to get  her to bed, and some months ago ripped her earlobe when  her dressing gown got caught in […]


Minister of Health, Fred Horne has announced a change in the  government’s approach to senior’s housing and care. He is quoted as saying,  a concept, “aging in place”, was developed  by Premier Alison Redford during the leadership campaign. He is further quoted as saying: “What we mean by “aging in place” is  really designing a facility that allows us […]

1/2 a hot dog for supper

This morning we got a call from small town Alberta concerning a hospitalized senior who was served a half a hot dog for supper. We encourage those, who compassionately visit older persons who are detained in long term care, locked units, active treatmenthospitals or mental hospitals, to bring along a few flowers to brightenup the […]

FATALITY INQUIRY – Lucy Lecavalier – January 25, 2012 – Edmonton Provincial Court – Judge J.Henderson presiding

A patient, who in 2008,was in a transition bed at a long term care  center waiting for palliative care was administered a lethal dose of medication.  She died within the hour. LPN who was a float nurse, was informed patient required  pain medication. She looked for the assigned medication nurse, was  unable to find anyone, so she […]

Loss of foreign workers visas leaves seniors’ facility in lurch

Many care facilities have sharply cut back staffing levels, a case in point isCovenant Health. Facilities manage to function until a crisis situation hits such as the Norovirus. Covenant Health has severely cut back staffing The Norovirus is not selective and will affect staff as well as patients.Recently during such an outbreak, at a General […]

HEALTH QUALITY COUNCIL OF ALBERTA releases findings of second provincial long term care family experience survey

We have been informed by the HQCA that the quality of  long term care has improved. We note however that their survey indicates that 38% of respondents gave  meals  a  failing grade of six or less. Perhaps one of the most  most significant  and troubling findings of the survey was  that one-third of those who were […]