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Edmonton driver fined $1,200

Jocelyn Kelly struck and caused the death of a pedestrian.    She received a nominal fine.    She was not stripped of her license to drive nor     was her license suspended. From across the province, we continue to receive anguished calls from seniors (& their family members) who, when they attend at their doctor’s office for […]

DriveAble & Simard MD testing

July 10, 2012,  Director of Driver Fitness & Monitoring, Olga Tavares, Ministry of Transportation, informed us by letter that: “Alberta Transportation does not require that individuals complete a   Simard MD or DriveAble assessment for renewal of their Operator’s  License“. Nevertheless, we continue to receive anguished calls from seniors  (& families) across Alberta who are being subjected to these […]

Moving Continuing Care Centres Forward: Concept Paper dated June 2012

This document is essentially a rehash of previous papers put forward by government. The paper again emphasizes a strong direction towardsassisted living facilities which in themselves are valuable but fail to provide appropriate care & services to frail, dependent elderly & handicapped. Furthermore, these facilities are not under the jurisdiction of the Nursing Homes Act […]

Primary Care Network targets seniors

Primary Care Networks are carrying out a pilot project which  targets seniors who apply for driving license renewal.Seniors are subjected to a Simard MD test. If and when they fail the Simard MD, they are referred to DriveAble,  a private for profit agency which administers a computer test.  The computer test costs $250.Both tests  are virtually […]

Brandon Harper, sexual assault charges laid

Caregiver, Good Samaritan Dr. Gerald Zetter Care Centre9649 71 Ave. Edmonton, charged with three counts of sexual assaultinvolving two patients. A severely disabled patient has been sexuallyassaulted over the past two years. Sexual assault is major issue in long term care facilities but seldomdealt with.

Elder abuse and bullying by caregivers

Good Samaritan Zetter Long Term Care Centre, 9649 71Ave.  Edmonton, AB. disallows a father to visit his son, a resident at  Zetter.  This is most painful for the elderly father.  Friday, June 22/12 was son’s Birthday. Father ordered a cake  & together with various kinds of fresh fruit, cookies,  gifts, etc.  arranged for a person to deliver the gifts and […]

Elder abuse at Peter Lougheed Hospital, Calgary

Hundreds of seniors are languishing in active treatment beds. They are held under guard, bullied, treated unjustly, denied all rights. This epidemic of elder abuse, is happening across the province An example of such abuse is happening at the Peter Lougheed Hospital, Calgary, AB. A senior citizen has been stripped of all rights & also […]

Office of Public Guardian, St. Paul, AB. disallows son to visit 100 year old mother

 An ex-parte court Application on May 18, 2012, denies an Alberta citizen,  the right to visit his 100 year old mother. The man had no knowledge  of the Application and subsequently was not given disclosure. The Order, dated May 18, 2012, filed by Alberta Justice lawyer, of  Edmonton, signed by Madam Justice of the Queen’s Bench of Alberta,  was […]


Karen Zygmunski of Edmonton, AB. who had been the courtappointed trustee of her mother, L.B., has been charged withCRIMINAL BREACH OF TRUST & THEFT OVER $5,000. which is an indictable offence. L.B. was never served court documents concerning the Court Application of her daughter. In 2010, when she went to one of the banks where […]

Covenant Health Edmonton General issues $287.00 smoking violation ticket

Covenant Health issued a $287.00, smoking violationticket to a wheel chair dependent resident, at the GeneralHospital Long Term Care Centre ( he is not a senior). Supposedly, the General hospital care centre is his home. He has a difficult life style but it is not a lifestyle of his choice, he suffers from multiple sclerosis. […]

Long term care elder abuse

On May 16, 2012 the Long-Term Care Task Force on Resident Care  and Safety in Ontario released a  report explaining what actions  will be taken to protect seniors in residential care facilities from  abuse by staff. The Task Force was created last fall in the wake  of extensive investigations by the Toronto Star newspaper.  The Star’s team were shocked to discover that […]

Dana I.Carlson – Law Society of Alberta – Notice of Suspension

Hearing Committee found the conduct of Dana I. Carlson,  Red Deer, AB. to be deserving of sanction on 5 citations on February 28, 2012. Pursuant to Section 72(1)(b)  of the Legal Profession Act R.S.A. 2000, c. L-8,Mr. Carlson  has been suspended for 3 months, effective March 26, 2012. 1) unwittingly enabling a party or parties to […]


Dear Madam Premier: Re: Ministry of Seniors and Community Supports. After decades, we have a litany of concerns in regard  to the Senior’s Ministry. They provide no advocacy. They  have a history of harming us. This bureaucracy employs  somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800 employees. There has been failure by their Office to provide, viable,  […]

Government expropriates rights, freedom, assets

60-year-old Jean Wilder – held by health authorities in care facility A 60-year-old wife and mother of two in B.C., Canada is being held against her and her family’s will. She was transferred to a  residential care facility in February 2012 to recuperate from  surgical complications because the health authority said there  were no other places or […]

Secret Geriatric Assessment referral

When I recently showed you a copy of the Glenrose letter dated June 30, 2011, you offered no information concerning this assessment…