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Testing senior drivers

The Minister of Transportation for Alberta says he will not change the rules for mandatory cognitive testing of 75-plus- year-old drivers. Cognitive testing is a good idea but why are seniors, who are the most experienced and careful drivers on the road today, being targeted by the Minister? Human factors experts and road safety professionals […]

Some cuts never heal! – Rally

Wednesday, December 10, 11:30 AM – 12:30 AM Edmonton General Hospital, on Jasper Avenue between 111th & 112th Street, Rally. Please join AUPE for a pizza lunch. Covenant Health is laying off 650 nursing staff across Edmonton. We need to be enraged! hospita

Bonnie Dobbs misinformed

Bonnie Dobbs of the U.of A. MARD Centre, stated on CBC radio, The Homestretch “Drivers aged 70 years and older become the most dangerous drivers on the road”. Unfortunately Ms. Dobbs continues to use outdated, 2001 data. A study dated February 4, 2014. “OLDER DRIVERS DO NOT HAVE A HIGH CRASH RISK- A REPLICATION OF […]

HOLMES, David, Fatality Inquiry,

HOLMES, David Marshall, 35, Fatality Inquiry, Calgary Provincial Court, November 17-21 @ 9:30 AM David died from complications of deadly scalding October 23, 2011.

Auditor Generals Report, Long Term Care

The Auditor General’s Report cites improvement in long term care facilities. The reality is, that acute short staffing exists in far too many facilities which inevitably results in the warehousing of vulnerable elderly. It also results in the administration of psychotropic drugs to seniors, to keep them quiet, compliant and easier to care for.

Ageism, at root of testing

It is now widely known, that it is not only younger drivers but also distracted drivers who are a major cause of on road collisions. However in Alberta, millions upon millions of tax dollars are being spent on medical assessments and driver testing of healthy older Albertans, a segment of the population, who are not […]

Shauna McHarg, ban continues.

In a precedent-setting decision, Alberta’s Court of Queen’s Bench Justice ruled that the province’s Health Information Act (FOIP) protects any information broadly connected to a patient’s care, even if that information is about another person. Last month, the ruling overturned a ruling from Alberta’s Information and Privacy Commissioner, Freedom of Information (FOIP) Adjudicator had ruled […]

Elder Abuse Alberta

Across the province, hundreds of older Albertans are languishing in uncomfortable, active treatment hospital beds. These hapless individuals receive minimal nursing care, receive no mental or physical stimulation / exercise, are not allowed off the ward, never taken out of doors for fresh air, some detained for as long as a year. They are made […]

AMA affirms Simard MD fraudulent

Don Szarko, Director of Advocacy and Community services, Alberta Motor Association affirmed to us at the Grey Matters Conference 2014, that that the concept, perpetrated by Bonnie Dobbs, that “a cognitively intact person can easily pass the Simard MD”, is false. Across the province, senior’s lives have been disrupted by this falsehood. We told Mr. […]

Banned, nursing home

Points West Living Care Centre, Grande Prairie, AB. The husband of a resident at the Points West Living Center made a complaint to the Protection For Persons in Care (PPCA) concerning the care of his wife. A severe banning followed. Administrative staff informed husband, that he was restricted to a one hour a week visit, […]

Tencer & Grose CHED

In a CHED radio broadcast, August 27/14 @ 9:00 AM, Professor Allan Dobbs PhD stated, that all seniors who are referred for a DriveABLE test: “because of confirmed or suspected impairment” This is blatantly untruthful. Later in the interview, he stated this again with emphasis: “Remember, These people that are referred for DriveABLE assessment, all […]

McIver – Upcoming Meeting

To Our Fellow Albertans You are cordially invited to attend a meeting with Ric McIver scheduled for: Tuesday – July 29, 2014 From 1 to 3 PM Location: Old Timers’ Cabin 9430 Scona Road (99 street North) Edmonton, Alberta Mr. McIver will address Senior Driving Issues Simard MD & DriveABLE protocol ALSO Music by Frank […]


Watch “Grey Glory” a documentary by Brandy Yanchyk- Omni TV Sunday evening, July 6, 2014 @ 9:00 PM. “Grey Glory” is a heartwarming and inspirational documentary about Canadian seniors whoare pushing their bodies to the limit, redefining our perceptions of aging. To see the website for “Grey Glory” go to: brandyyproductions.com/grey-glory/

Ric McIvor promises to eliminate DriveABLE

Ric McIvor, at this mornings leadership campaign launch in Edmonton, announced he is committed to eliminating the DriveABLE testing program and will be asking for a thorough review of the Simard MD program. May 28, 2014

Simard MD

There is no doubt, the Simard MD & DriveABlE protocol is a sophisticated scam carried out on the backs of seniors, propagated under the guise of research, science and safety.