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Shaun Joseph steals $166,000 from disabled mother

Shaun Joseph, 59, of Ohio, U.S.A has been accused of stealing $166,000 from his disabled 91-year-old mother and using the money to buy sex dolls and lingerie A 59-year-old Ohio man has been arrested for allegedly stealing $166,000 from his dementia-stricken elderly mother, which police say he then used to buy a large cache of […]

Alberta Transportation Abuse

ABUSE BY DRIVER FITNESS AND MONITERING REVIEW OFFICER, ALBERTA TRANSPORTATION John B. had to sell his beloved Family Farm because he was directed by Driver Fitness and Monitoring Review Officer that he was allowed to drive in Edmonton but not in rural Thorhild, AB. The Auction Sale at which his machinery was sold was much […]

Regenerating Brain Cells

During the late 1990s, researchers at Rockefellers University in New York City conducted studies in which marmoset monkeys were injected with a tracer chemical that could differentiate between slow-dividing mature brain cells and fast-dividing new ones. What they found was that the hippocampus (a region of the brain associated with memories, learning, and emotions) continued […]

Niels Högel Nurse Mass Murderer

Niels Högel Nurse Mass Murderer. Niels Hogel used various drugs to orchestrate cardiac arrests in patients in order to show off his resuscitation skills. Police suspect that Högel’s final death toll may be more than 200, while one spokesperson for a group of the victims’ relatives put the number as high as 300. When Niels […]

Revera, Bow – Crest, Calgary

Hello, My grandfather passed away a year ago. – the diaper has to be 75% full before changing it. – leaving him in a wheelchair up to 6 hours at a time – some people sit in the chair all day. – not spending proper time to fed. – placing him in a sling that […]


“SENIORS SPEAK OUT” Thursday, April 4, 2019 @ 11:30 AM – 12:30 PM OLD TIMERS CABIN, 9430 Scona Rd (99th Street) NW, Edmonton, AB. Seniors and others from across the province representing seniors, will be presenting senior issues. Everyone welcome ————- We anticipate that the Lieutenant Governor, Ms. Lois Mitchell, will be in attendance. Confirmed […]

Neglect at the Edith Cavell Care Centre

NOTE: Mr. Kurvink tried to charge me almost $1,200 to copy my parents charts! Once I submitted a complaint to the Privacy Commissioner and an investigation was conducted, the fee dropped to just under $400. Quite a difference! Lethbridge, AB March 14, 2008 John Kurvink Chantelle Management 9110-196A Street Langley, BC V1M 3B4 Dear Mr. […]

Deadly Seroquel, Bastion Place, BC

Reduced Staffing Levels, Increased Medicating of Patients     Seroquel (Quetiapine) is an anti-psychotic drug, whose use has been banned in the U.S.   Trade-off that is made between increased staffing and better control of patient behaviour;   It may be July, but snow is the word that reverberates through Dina Loeb’s head. Her father, […]

Bastion Place, BEATINGS, Salmon Arm

Beatings at Salmon Arm nursing home due to low staffing, families say Two families are blaming low staffing levels at the Bastion Place nursing home in Salmon Arm, B.C.,for two brutal assassaults on their elderly relatives. Tilly Nightingale, 97, was found on the floor of her room at the Bastion Place nursing home in Salmon […]

Euthanasia of children in the Netherlands

For 12 to 15 year old children the parents must agree with the child’s request for euthanasia before it can put into effect. For 16 and 17 year olds the parents must be involved but the decision is for the child alone. A total of fourteen children have been given euthanasia, including one 12 year […]


Keep the ‘dead donor rule.’ The Hippocratic Oath is dead. “Do no harm” medicine is fast becoming extinct. Contemporary health care is increasingly under the sway of a utilitarian bioethics that makes the elimination of suffering the prime directive—to the detriment of traditional standards of medical morality that deem all human life equally worthy of […]

Dr. Edward Redshaw, Advocacy

Dear Friends: I was going through my advocacy communications, which date back many years, when I came across this one. Thought I would share it with you. With the passage of time and the incoming residents requiring increasingly more care from staff whose numbers and funding are not concurrently increasing it appears that we are […]

Government non-response

GOVERNMENT NON-RESPONSE Dear People: The following is the response I received from the Health Minister. She has now moved into automated response. Sometime ago there was no response automated or otherwise. “Thank you for your correspondence. Minister Hoffman appreciates that you have taken the time to write and values your comments greatly. We understand that […]

Medical Science Under Dictatorship

Medical Science Under Dictatorship by DR. LEO ALEXANDER This article was taken from the July 14, 1949, issue of “The New England Journal of Medicine.”) Science under dictatorship becomes subordinated to the guiding philosophy of the dictatorship. Irrespective of other ideologic trappings, the guiding philosophic principle of recent dictatorships, including that of the Nazis, has […]

NDP Bans Adults Only Building

NDP Bans Adults Only Building. NDP Bill to amend Human Rights Act to ban adults-only buildings. Condominium owners who gave feedback about the legislation wanted to maintain age restrictions, however were disregarded. The NDP introduced a bill putting an end to adults-only apartment buildings as of Jan. 1, 2018 But an exception gives condo owners […]