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AMA Grapples With Assisted Suicide

By Thomas E. Sullivan, M.D. American Medical Association (AMA) grapples with assisted suicide debate. I am surprised, having dedicated my life to healing, that we in the House of Delegates of the American Medical Association did not reach consensus at our annual meeting in Chicago recently, to ratify the recommendation of our Council on Ethical […]

Doctor Euthanizes Patient

Criminal investigation opened into doctor who held patient down and ‘euthanized’ her A Dutch doctor who was rebuked for killing an elderly dementia patient without consent and in a traumatic manner has been given a formal reprimand by the Dutch medical complaints board, and may now face criminal charges. Worldwide horror The case involved a […]

“Belgium euthanized 3 children”

“Belgium euthanized 3 children” aged 9, 11 and 17. Euthanasia deaths are rising and children are being killed. Belgium extended euthanasia to children in February 2014, by eliminating the age limit for lethal injection. Lethally injecting people without request are considered criminal acts in every jurisdiction in the world, but under the banner of assisted […]

Lethal Injection Inhumane?

Euthanasia Execution Drug Controversy I ask the question, how can a drug be considered risky, experimental and a form of torture in one circumstance (capital punishment), and a human right when it is used for euthanasia? Recently I published an article concerning the use of drugs for executions and euthanasia. The article titled: Euthanasia drug […]

Wettlaufer Nurse Killer

  Wettlaufer told police she would emit ‘a cackling from the pit of hell’ after giving lethal injections A middle-aged woman in sensible slacks sits quietly with her hands on her thighs and a pink purse on the table beside her. She’s waiting to confess. “Sorry about that,” a detective says when he finally joins […]

MAiD (euthanasia) increases by 30% in Canada.

Thursday, June 28, 2018 Alex Schadenberg Executive Director – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition The experience with every jurisdiction that permits euthanasia or assisted suicide is that once it is legalized it expands in the number and situations whereby death by lethal drugs is considered a response to difficult human conditions. In Canada, The Third Interim Report […]

Edmonton Transit Tested By DriveABLE

Edmonton Transit scammed by DriveABLE On Mar 2, 2017, at 2:55 AM, we received email XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX wrote: Hi: The City of Edmonton ETS has decided to use this test and is testing all of their drivers and if they do not pass this cognitive computer test they are pulling them off their jobs and suspending […]

Medically At-Risk Driver Centre (MARD)

  IN THE WINTER OF OUR LIVES, IN THE TIME OF OUR WEAKNESS It has taken me a long time to really nail down just what it is about the MARD Institute with it’s SIMARD MD that so offends me. Let me get there in a roundabout manner. A good portion of my life has […]


HAND DELIVERED January 13, 2016 Dr. Chris. Deputy Commissioner, Ms. Marriane Ryan, RCMP Alberta, Commanding Officer, K Division 11140 109 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5G 2T4 REFERENCE – DRIVEABLE ASSESSMENT CENTRES INC. Registered Address # 220 8 Perron street, St. Albert AB. T8N 1E4 Corporate Access Number # 209042928 COMPLAINT A computer based assessment by DriveABLE […]

Abuse by Attorney

    January 28, 2015   Mr. Robert Joly, Attorney 4 – 20 McLeod Avenue Spruce Grove AB. T7X 3Y1 REGISTERED MAIL Attention: Ms. Kathlyn Atkins, Manager Complaints, the Law Society of Alberta 800 Bell Tower 2, 201, 10104 103 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0H8 REGISTERED MAIL       Dear Mr. Joly:   Reference: […]

Edmonton Court Hearing-

Edmonton Court house COURT HEARING, Tuesday July 3, 2018 @ 2:00 PM, Room 270 Senior had driving license abruptly suspended. Then was apprehended driving without license Counsel has now documented that Driver Fitness and Monitoring of Alberta Transportation had no grounds to suspend his license. Court Hearing will be listed under name- Lamont Call Elder […]

Canadian laws threaten religious freedom

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo released a report on international religious freedom on Tuesday that includes Canada’s battles over freedom of conscience and parental rights as concerning international incidents. The report documents Ontario’s Christian doctors’ fight for conscience rights and the government’s inclusion of gender expression and identity in child welfare law. Pro-life and […]

Sexual Assault Calgary Police

Sexual assault is the lowest-reported crime in Canada and the Alberta government is aiming to change that. Later this year, Justice Minister Kathleen Ganley will look to introduce a new, standardized response for police officers investigating to sexual assault offences. “I think it is a huge issue and I think it’s an issue that maybe […]

Dora Cinciruk: Formal complaint of unlawful confinement

This formal complaint is a recent development in the ongoing history of Dora Cinciruk. December 28, 2012 Dr. Douglas Faulder, Medical Director, Capital Care Norwood Chief of Police, Mr. Rod Knecht Edmonton Police Service, Dr. Chris Eagle CEO Alberta Health Services Re: Dora (Eudokia) Cinciruk – UNLAWFULLY CONFINED Resident # 219 2 N. Capital Care. […]

Takedown of 80 year old, Villa Caritas

August 30, 2011 Minister of Health & Wellness, the Honorable Gene Zwozdesky Complaints Manager, College of Physicians and Surgeons 2700 Telus Plaza South, 10020 100th Street Edmonton, AB. T5J 0N3 Solicitor General & Minister of Public Security,Honourable Frank Oberle Legislature Building, Edmonton, AB. ——————————————- COMPLAINT re. Dr. Kevin Lawless, Psychiatrist, Geriatric unit, Villa Caritas, 16515 […]