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Elderly Drivers Safe Drivers

Elderly Drivers Safe “We do not support compulsory retesting at an arbitrary age.” Elderly drivers do not pose a greater risk to safety on the roads than younger motorists, research has found. It is thought that as drivers age, their ability behind the wheel is hampered by health problems and slower reaction times. But according […]

City Bylaw Abuses its’ Citizens

“My folks have a sad situation at hand in which they feel they have been discriminated against because of their age, eccentric ways and mental illness. They were mislead and mistreated by your department which has now created continued hardship for them. They have not been heard and feel dismissed. They feel victimized, bullied, violated […]

NL Presumed Consent

New Dutch organ donation law will apply to everyone officially registered in NL It is legal in the Netherlands for doctors and psychiatrists to lethally inject the sick, disabled, elderly, and mentally ill who ask to die. It is not legal for them to kill patients who have not repeatedly asked to die. But that […]

Theft by Public Trustee

Public Trustee lawyer steals from estate of dead man. Public Trustee Ned Ephraim Frohlich, 59, of Edmonton was disbarred by the Law Society of Alberta November 2014. In March 2013, Frohlich pleaded guilty to a fraud scheme and was sentenced to 16 months in jail. He will no longer be able to practice law. When […]

Lawyer Abuses Power of Attorney

HAND DELIVERED November 3, 2010 Mr. XXXXX Barrister & Solicitor XXXXXX Avenue Edmonton, AB. T5G 0X5 Mr.Walter John Mukanik, DOB June 23 1932, L09 Villa Marguerite 9810 165 Street, Edmonton, AB. We, The Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society, speak and advocate for defenseless and vulnerable persons and therefore have interest in this matter. We have […]

Tanya Kuehn & Deborah Ardessi, Public Advocates Attempt to Mislead Court

Public Advocates attempt to mislead the court. On July 12, 2010, Public Guardian Officer, Debra Ardessi made Application to the court for an Order, to deny Robert Crowe to visit Cassandra Caldwell and she be disallowed to visit him. Ms. Ardessi filed an untruthful affidavit in the court, which slandered Robert Crowe. Alberta Justice Council […]

Patrick G. Hartnett RN

May 8, 2013 Via Facsimile 780 453 0546 Your File 50, 461 – (11/12)-1 Ms. Sue Chandler, Complaints Director, College & Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta 11620 168 Street Edmonton, AB T5M – 4A6 Complaint against Patrick G.Hartnett RN, # 50461 Villa Caritas Geriatric Center 16515 88 Avenue Edmonton, AB. T5R 0A4 REFERENCE: xxxxxx […]

B.C. Driving Age Discrimination

Steve Wallace: B.C.’s rules of the road are dumb and dumberSteve Wallace: B.C.’s rules of the road are dumb and dumber Here are some examples of how regulatory authorities are not only dumbing down the very regulations that have been designed to protect the public, but also dummying up the regulatory assault on a specific […]

City of Edmonton Priorities

When we see bike lanes that receive priority snow clearing service and then we consider how seniors with limited mobility are fined if the walks are not cleared in a timely manner it is revealing as to what is important to our City officials. Those with privileged mobility are given special attention to celebrate their […]

B.C Bullies Palliative Care

British Columbia Health Authority orders hospital to commit euthanasia – The recent edict by the Fraser Health Authority in British Columbia ordering (non-religious) healthcare facilities to participate in euthanasia (MAiD) including hospices is an infringement on the conscience rights of the medical staff. – The edict by Fraser Health directly effects institutions such as the […]

Fatality Inquiry Conflicting Testimony

November 23, 2012 Via Facsimile 780 422 9756 Letter to follow Chief Crown Prosecutor Steven Bilodeau QC 6th Floor, Brownlee Building – 10365 – 97 Street, Edmonton, AB. T5J 3W7 Dear Sir: Fatality Inquiry – Arnold Harry Barstad – November 16, 2012 – Provincial Court Edmonton, AB. – Judge E. Johnson presiding. It was troubling […]

Public Trustee Disregards Seniors Rights

July 17, 2009. Honorable Ms. Alison Redford, Minister of Justice & Attorney General 403 Legislature Building 10800 – 97 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 2B6 Dear Madame Minister: RE: Sale of farm land – Emma Kadnar, Salem Manor, 4419 46 St. Leduc, AB. We have learned that the farm of Emma Kadnar is in the process […]

Flawed Protection For Persons In Care

February 15, 2018 Via Email letter edmonton.riverview@assembly.ab.ca The Honourable Ms. Lori Sigurdson Minister of Seniors and Housing, # 404 Legislature Building 10800 97 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5K 2B6 Dear Madam Minister: REFERENCE: Flawed Protection for Persons in Care Act Legislation. We have made complaints to the Protection for Persons in Care concerning a lodge […]

North Peace Housing Foundation

North Peace Housing Foundation continues to bully and abuse seniors February 15, 2018 (NPHF) 6780 – 103 Avenue Peace River, Alberta T8S 0B6 The following is a quote from an article in MILE ZERO NEWS February 14, 2018. “After Reese read the offer, the board agreed it was unclear as to whether the offer was […]

DriveABLE No More

ICBC will not pay for any more DriveABLE testing. • PLEASE NOTE: As of March 1, 2018, ICBC will no longer use DriveABLE assessments to assist in determining driver medical fitness. As per the November 30, 2017 News Release, RoadSafetyBC will begin using the Enhanced Road Assessment (ERA) to assess driver medical fitness on March […]