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Drivable test Invades Seniors’ Privacy

For those of you that are not familiar with or who have not heard of DriveAble, please take not. Dear Editor: For those of you that are not familiar with or who have not heard of DriveABLE, please take note. DriveABLE is a private for-profit company that started with the help of your tax dollars […]

DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc.

April 14, 2018 12:40 AM ET Software Company Overview of DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc. Snapshot People OverviewBoard MembersCommittees DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc. INSIDERS ON Board Members Name (Connections) Relationships Title Age Allen Dobbs 5 Relationships Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President — Other Board Members On Board Members Name (Connections) Relationships Type […]


Number of seniors driving commercial vehicles increasing. FREDERICTON — A researcher at the University of New Brunswick says the number of seniors getting into the commercial driving industry is rising. Eric Hildebrand says seniors currently represent about 14 per cent of New Brunswick’s general driving population and within the next couple of decades that’s going […]

Dr. Jean Triscott, Four Month Ordeal

Jan 18, 2016 Meeting with Jill Wright In all humility, I will offer a couple of suggestions to the Dept’ of Transportation. My suggestions arise out of a stressful four-month period of time I had regaining my driver’ license: from June 23/2015 to Oct. 27/2015: four months. I was 74 years of age. SUGGESTIONS a) […]

Letter to Allen Dobbs

REGISTERED MAIL January 13, 2016 Dr. Allen Dobbs, PhD, Chairman of Board, DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc. 10650 113 Street, Edmonton, AB. T5H 3H6 Dear Dr. Dobbs: REFERENCE – DRIVEABLE ASSESSMENT CENTRES INC. Registered Address # 220 8 Perron street, St. Albert AB. T8N 1E4 Corporate Access Number # 209042928 Please allow us to express our […]

Bonnie Dobbs, Publishing and promoting ageism, wilful untruths and fraudulent misrepresentation

Letter to Bonnie Dobbs HAND DELIVERED January 5, 2015 Mrs. Bonnie M. Dobbs PhD, Director, MARD Centre, University of Alberta, 1704 College Plaza, 8215 112 Street, Edmonton, AB. T6G 2C8 Dear Madam: REFERENCE: Publishing and promoting ageism, wilful untruths and fraudulent misrepresentation On the “Homestretch”, CBC radio, December 5, 2014, you stated to listeners: “Starting […]

Linda Gordulic, Elder Abuse

April 3, 2018 VIA FACSIMILE – (780) 427 2002 The Honourable Mr. Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation, # 324 Legislature Building 10800 97 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5K 2B6 Dear Mr. Minister: REFERENCE: Mismanagement, bullying, elder abuse Linda Gordulic, Reviewing Officer, Driver Fitness and Monitoring, Alberta Transportation. 780 427-8230 It has been reported to our […]

DriveABLE New Source of Revenue

“Increase Billing and Profits” “Not only do DriveABLE assessments provide healthcare professionals with risk evaluations regarding patients’ cognitive driving abilities, they also provide a NEW SOURCE OF REVENUE that was PREVIOUSLY INACCESSIBLE. As stated on DriveABlE website, reason why DriveABLE has become so successful in promoting their product not only in Canada but also in […]


Elder Abuse – MISLEADING AND FALSE ASSERTIONS by DriveABLE. 1. FALSE ASSERTIONS which have been PUBLISHED on DriveABLE sites. 1) “It is our goal to protect competent drivers”. “We PROTECT safe drivers from MISIDENTIFICATION”. This is an UNTRUTH. In that DriveABLE frequently misclassifies safe drivers as being UNSAFE. Then, these victimized seniors have to spend […]

Elder Abuse of Alberta’s Senior Drivers

Testing senior drivers constitutes elder abuse Requiring a senior, who Is in good health, has never had a car accident who maybe fully employed, to make an appointment with a medical doctor for a medical examination, so that he /she can renew their driving license, constitutes elder abuse. It is now widely known that seniors […]

No Association Simard MD & Fitness to Drive

Comparison of the SIMARD MD to Clinical Impression in Assessing Fitness to Drive in Patients with Cognitive Impairment. Canadian Geriatrics Journal finds no association between SIMARD MD and doctor’s decisions Erratum in • Corrigendum: Comparison of the SIMARD MD to clinical impression in assessing fitness to drive in patients with cognitive impairment. [Can Geriatr J. […]

B.C Seniors New Assessments

B.C. seniors to get new driving assessment Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth announced the new system Thursday, to replace the touch-screen computer test called DriveABLE that many seniors found complicated and stressful. The new examination will take longer, 90 minutes instead of 75, to test for cognitive impairment and other medical concerns. It will include […]

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)

(IIHS) is an independent, nonprofit, scientific, educational organization dedicated to reducing the losses, deaths, injuries and property damage-from motor vehicle crashes. 1) Do special regulations for driver’s license renewal among older drivers affect crash rates? Regulations requiring in-person renewal and requiring vision testing in states where in-person renewal is not required are the only policies […]

Simard MD & DriveABLE, no peer review

“Nothing more than a money grab,” Nicolas Simons. Nicholas Simons, Powell River-Sunshine Coast MLA Nicholas is pressing government for an independent review of the DriveABLE program, “Nobody’s got an issue with taking drivers off the road who should be, but when you’ve got the validity of a test that proves to be about 50 per […]

Elderly Drivers Safe Drivers

Elderly Drivers Safe “We do not support compulsory retesting at an arbitrary age.” Elderly drivers do not pose a greater risk to safety on the roads than younger motorists, research has found. It is thought that as drivers age, their ability behind the wheel is hampered by health problems and slower reaction times. But according […]