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Alberta College of Family Physicians Discriminates Against Seniors.

January 28, 2015 Dr. Patricia Smith,MD, BSc, LMCC,CCF President Alberta College of Family Physicians Edmonton, AB. Dear Dr. Smith: In 2003 legislation was passed to require Albertans at age 75 and thereafter to provide evidence of a medical examination in order to renew their driving license. This was an act of blatant discrimination against seniors, […]

Commentary: Derrel R. Dular Managing Director of Alliance of Seniors

Mr. Derrell R. Dular, Managing Director, Alliance of Seniors/Older Canadians Network, Dear Sir, re:   Discrimination of Elderly Drivers of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. The three Provinces mentioned above have entered into the discrimination of Elderly Drivers by requiring them to undergo special testing, upon reaching the age of 80 years, whether or not accident […]

Publishing and promoting ageism, willful untruths and fraudulent misrepresentation

HAND DELIVERED January 5, 2015 Mrs. Bonnie M. Dobbs PhD, Director, MARD Centre, University of Alberta, 1704 College Plaza, 8215 112 Street, Edmonton, AB. T6G 2C8 Dear Madam: Reference: Publishing and promoting ageism, willful untruths and fraudulent misrepresentation On the “Homestretch”, CBC radio, December 5, 2014, you stated to listeners: “Starting at about age 70, […]

DriveABLE Employee fails to treat clients with respect

REGISTERED MAIL May 4, 2015 Dr. Allen R. Dobbs, Chairman of Board, CEO & President DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc. 10650 113 Street, Edmonton, AB. T5H 3H6 Dear Sir: Reference: Laura Morgensen, DriveABLE Assessment Centres Please be advised, that it has been reported to us that your above named employee fails to treat senior clients with […]

Unreliable driving test a ‘crapshoot’ for most seniors

By Gillian Slade on December 4, 2014. gslade@medicinehatnews.com @MHNGillianSlade The cognitive test some seniors are asked to take in their doctor’s office is so unreliable in assessing their skills to drive a vehicle that it has no value, says a physician. The SimardMD test is a very rapid pencil and paper test designed to see if […]

Klassen: Seniors’ tests have nothing to do with driving ability (with poll)

“If you want to know what constitutes the cognitive test doctors give to Alberta seniors over the age of 75, just ask 81-year-old Lois Mooney, and you’ll get a spittin’ earful. For a driving test, it’s ridiculous, she’ll tell you, and one that is discriminatory to make her take just because she’s had a birthday. […]

Monitoring Alberta’s Safest Drivers

In a detailed Brief to the Government of Alberta, dated November 25, 2014, we have respectfully asked that Alberta Legislators revisit the Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulation of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, Alberta Regulation 320/2002 and repeal Section 16[2]. Thus causing to cease the requirement for Albertans to report for medical assessments at the age […]

The Myths and Facts about Older Drivers

Dr. Bonnie Dobbs again produces misinformation. THE “MYTHS AND FACTS ABOUT OLDER DRIVERS,” HAS NOW BEEN REMOVED FROM THE MARD WEBSITE. 06/04/18

Older drivers do not have a high crash risk

Courtesy Road Safety Observatory: Key Findings: Different driver age groups cannot be validly compared for crash involvement, if crash rates have been calculated solely on the basis of distance travelled. The present study has shown that after being matched for yearly driving distance, most drivers aged 75 years and above were safer than younger age […]

EFPA finds older drivers do not have increased accident risk

“In conclusion, Older drivers generally do not have an increased accident risk. All studies that have evaluated the safety effects of age based population screening for fitness to drive have failed to document any safety benefits from this type of screening.  On the contrary studies indicate that this type of screening may have an indirect […]

Annual compulsory medical test for elderly drivers axed in Australia

 ANNUAL medical tests for drivers aged 70 and over will be scrapped to encourage older people to remain active in the community and because evidence shows they do not lower crash rates. The State Government move follows research that shows Victoria, which does not have age-based testing, has a crash rate similar to South Australia […]

Canadian Geriatrics Journal finds no association between SIMARD and doctor’s decisions

In a conclusion published in the Canadian Geriatrics Journal, an article titled “Comparison of the SIMARD MD to Clinical Impression in Assessing Fitness to Drive in Patients with Cognitive Impairment” reports “There was no association between the SIMARD MD scores and the geriatricians’ clinical decision regarding fitness to drive in persons with mild dementia or mild […]

Joan Lowry of the Associated Press, from the United States Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Joan Lowry of the Associated Press, from the United States Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. On Friday February 21st., 2014, A News Release in Washington , D.C. by the United States Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, stated that they were wrong in thinking that an older population would lead to more accidents, and just the […]

Medical screening for older drivers is misguided, argues senior doctor

Age related testing ‘breaks almost every tenet of screening’ Personal View: Medical screening of older drivers is not evidence based Medical screening of older drivers is misguided and typifies a “worrying lack of due diligence” by the medical profession, warns a senior doctor on bmj.com today. Professor Desmond O’Neill, Consultant Physician in Geriatric and Stroke […]

Drivers with diabetes benefit from new medical reporting rules

Press release courtesy Alberta.ca Thanks to advancements in medicine, monitoring and treatment of diabetes, the rules for medical reporting have been relaxed for drivers with diabetes. Drivers with well-managed diabetes no longer have to provide annual driver medical reports, pending the approval of their physician. The new rules reflect changes recommended at the national level […]