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Medical screening for older drivers is misguided, argues senior doctor

Age related testing ‘breaks almost every tenet of screening’ Personal View: Medical screening of older drivers is not evidence based Medical screening of older drivers is misguided and typifies a “worrying lack of due diligence” by the medical profession, warns a senior doctor on bmj.com today. Professor Desmond O’Neill, Consultant Physician in Geriatric and Stroke […]

Drivers with diabetes benefit from new medical reporting rules

Press release courtesy Alberta.ca Thanks to advancements in medicine, monitoring and treatment of diabetes, the rules for medical reporting have been relaxed for drivers with diabetes. Drivers with well-managed diabetes no longer have to provide annual driver medical reports, pending the approval of their physician. The new rules reflect changes recommended at the national level […]

Ontario proposes to end annual road test requirement for safe senior commercial drivers

TORONTO, Ont. — The province of Ontario has published proposed changes to the license renewal process for senior A/Z license-holders. Under the proposed changes: only commercial drivers between the ages of 65 and 79 who accumulate three or more demerit points or are involved in an at-fault collision will be required to take a practical […]

USIIHS finds seniors healthier, safer drivers

Joan Lowry of the Associated Press, from the United States Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. On Friday February 21st., 2014, A News Release in Washington, D.C. by the United States Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, stated that they were wrong in thinking that an older population would lead to more accidents, and just the reverse […]

Doctors electronically connected to Alberta Transportation

Letter to Minister of Transportation March 13, 2014 Via Email, transportation.minister@gov.ca The Honourable Mr. Wayne Drysdale, Minister of Transportation, 324 Legislature Building 10800 97 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5K 2B6 Dear Mr. Minister: Doctors electronically connected to Alberta Transportation, Department of Driver Fitness. Yesterday, we attended at a seniors driving information meeting in St. Alberta, […]

Ric McIver vows to eliminate DriveAble, review Simard MD

Watch the video on the Calgary Herald website EDMONTON — Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Ric McIver says he made some mistakes when serving in Alison Redford’s cabinet, but will rectify them if he wins the premier’s job. Borrowing a page from populist premier Ralph Klein, the former infrastructure and transportation minister noted he cut funding […]

Letter to Minister of Transportation

February 12, 2014 Letter via email – transportation.minister@gov.ab.ca The Honourable Mr. Wayne Drysdale, Minister of Transportation, 324 Legislature Building 10800 97 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5K 2B6 Dear Mr. Minister: Thank you for your correspondence of February 10, 2014. Please be aware, according to Alberta statistics, seniors are the safest drivers on Alberta roads. It […]

$2M for BC senior road tests

According to British Columbia’s Superintendent of Motor Vehicles it will pay the multi-million dollar, private for profit, DriveABLE ASSESSMENT CORPORATION INC. and its contractors almost $2 million a year to give driver testing to B.C. seniors B.C. drivers over the age of 80 must take a medical & screening test with their physician every two […]

Give plan for mandatory tests wide berth

Last year’s road toll has fuelled prejudice towards older drivers. The focus used to be on young, fast, drunk and tired drivers. Now some people want to put the brakes on older drivers, arguing they are more likely to have crashes and should, therefore, get off the road. It is difficult to select an age […]

Steve Wallace: Law discriminates against senior drivers

Senior drivers are thought to be a menace on our roads. This is a myth. In fact, seniors who drive are subjected to all the normal legal obligations and then some. When they reach the age of 80 in B.C., they receive the demand to attend at a doctor’s office for a cognitive and physical […]

Test violates seniors’ rights

From Edmonton Journal Letters – February 27, 2014 Alberta Transportation statistics show that seniors are the safest drivers on our roads. Yet, in 2008, the minister of transportation introduced a pilot project that subjected all Albertans at age 75 to a medical fitness assessment. In many medical clinics, a cognitive test called the Simard MD […]

Challenging the veracity of the Simard MD protocol

It has been widely published that the Simard MD cognitive test was developed by Bonnie Dobbs PhD and Donald Schopflocher PhD, of the Medically At-Risk Driver Centre. (MARD). We challenge the veracity of that assertion. In lectures and public presentations, Bonnie Dobbs presents the Simard MD as a product of their research. She refers to the […]

B.C. senior loses driver’s licence after miscommunication

A B.C. senior says she has lost her independence after being required to re-take her driver’s licence test and then failing it — two outcomes she’s blaming on a lack of language skills, not driving skills. Aino Leskinen, 84, came to Canada from Finland when she was 33. She couldn’t speak English, but could drive. […]

Simard & DriveABLE Publications

July, 2010 The Introduction of a New Screening Tool for the Identification of Cognitively Impaired Medically At-Risk Drivers: The SIMARD, A Modification of the DemTect, Bonnie M. Dobbs and Donald Schopflocher, (Journal of Primary Care & Community Health July 2010 Vol 1, 2: 119-127) http://jpc.sagepub.com/content/1/2/119.full.pdf+html? ijkey=4CCEVM5wPAVBw&keytype=ref&siteid=spjpc April, 2011 The SIMARD Screening Tool to Identify Unfit […]

Protest by the British Columbia retired teachers’ association

The Province’s DriveABLE program tests drivers with a computer touch screen and has resulted in people having their drivers’ licence cancelled. We believe recent efforts to improve the DriveABLE program’s image and accessibility are simply wrongheaded. The program is not “misunderstood” – it is simply wrong: poorly conceived, unsupported by current science, a violation of […]