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Suicide, euthanasia bill causes disabled man profound worry, distress

The 3.6 million – or one out of eight – Canadians who live with disabilities already feel unwanted, unequal and unaccepted by Canadian society, he told a Dec. 1 news conference on Parliament Hill…

I Need Help

I need HELP ASAP and have not been able to find any. My husband’s two sisters, brother and one granddaughter are euthanizing his mother…

Misinformed Family Members

My mother died last year in hospital, because the doctor dealing with her decided her life wasn’t worth the expenses…

79% of United Kingdom Nurses say ‘No’ to assisted suicide

A recent survey carried out on Nurses.co.uk showed that only 20.9% of UK nurses think that assisted suicide should be legalised here…

Kill the Pain Not the Patient

A Canadian study on palliative care, published in the August 1995 American Journal of Psychiatry, reinforced what past research had documented – when physical pain is controlled and depression is treated, terminally ill people do not want to die…

Starvation at the Grey Nuns

The following is a presentation made by Mrs. Bev Headington at the Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society Press Conference held at the Old Timer’s Cabin on May 21, 2006. Note: Contains some graphic images

None Dare Call It Euthanasia

Evidence grows that patients are being deliberately starved and dehydrated to death.

Physician Assisted Suicide Unconstitutional

Federal Judge Michael Hogan ruled that Ballot Measure 16, adapted by a small majority of Oregon voters in November 1994, violates the equal protection guarantees of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution…

Stop Trying to Kill Us Off

The legalization of premature death as a treatment option is a threat to disabled people…

British College Endorses Killing Disabled Babies

A leading British medical college has called on the health profession to consider euthanasia for seriously disabled newborn babies…

Zyprexa (Olanzapine) As A Vehicle For Euthanasia Of The Elderly In Nursing Homes

Certain Physicians in Alberta are using ZYPREXA as a vehicle for Euthanasia of the elderly in Nursing Homes – without a doubt….

Euthenasia Deaths Not Always Easy, Study Finds

When a doctor hastens the death of a terminally ill patient, the end is not always easy or peaceful, says a report in the New England Journal of Medicine…

Exploring Physician-Assisted Suicide

Presented by Ruth Maria Adria at the Values, Ethics and Vision Conference, Bernard Snell Hall, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB.