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Lorraine Adolph Fatality Inquiry. Half truths, untruths and other irregularities heard at the Inquiry.

1) The Inquiry was told that Lorraine Adolph’s body was found 800 meters from Building # 12, in fact it was 400 meters. 2) It was reported to the Inquiry that on the morning of the incident, the temperature was -2. In fact the morning that Lorraine was allowed to leave Building # 12 unattended, […]

Retired Nurse’s reflections on Alberta Hospital fatality inquiry

The Lonesome Death of Lorraine Adolph Mark Snaterse In the early part of two thousand and nine I received a surprise phone call from a Mr. Mark Snaterse who identified himself as site administrator at Alberta Hospital Edmonton. He asked if I would come out to the Alberta Hospital site the next day to pick […]

Victor Stark

May 16, 2016 Via Facsimile – 780 422 6621 Letter to follow The Honourable Ms. Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice and Attorney General? 323 Legislature Building, 10800 97 Avenue, ?Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 2B6 Dear Ms. Minister: Reference: – Sudden Death, Victor Stark, O3, 10 /15, DOB 24 / 05 /32 Victor Stark was a recovering […]

Villa Caritas- Implausible Testimony, Fatality Inquiry

FATALITY INQUIRY – Arnold Harry Barstad – July 4, 2013 – Provincial Court Edmonton, AB. – Judge E. Johnson presiding. Chief Crown Prosecutor Steven Bilodeau QC ——————————————– The Inquiry had to rely on the testimony of Villa Caritas staff. Testimony was provided by Dr. Candace Walker, psychiatrist(below) Neil Maralit, psychiatric aide, employed by Covenant Health […]

Fatality Inquiry Conflicting Testimony

November 23, 2012 Via Facsimile 780 422 9756 Letter to follow Chief Crown Prosecutor Steven Bilodeau QC 6th Floor, Brownlee Building – 10365 – 97 Street, Edmonton, AB. T5J 3W7 Dear Sir: Fatality Inquiry – Arnold Harry Barstad – November 16, 2012 – Provincial Court Edmonton, AB. – Judge E. Johnson presiding. It was troubling […]

Goltman – Wendy Williams

Reference: Fatality Inquiry, Provincial Court – GOLTMAN, Lisa Rachel, Edmonton. April 5-15, 2016, Edmonton Provincial Court the Honourable Madame Justice L. Stevens presiding. May 4, 2013, 22 year old Lisa Goltman was found unresponsive in a segregation cell at Unit 82 B, @ 0300 hrs. at Alberta Hospital Edmonton. Scheduled Witness – Fatality inquiry – […]

Dr. Sauvageau / Goltman inquiry

Lisa Goltman Fatality inquiry Day # 7 April 13, 2016 Dr. Anny Sauvageau addressed Inquiry April 13, 2016. Dr. Sauvageau was the former Chief Medical Examiner and is a Forensic Pathologist. Dr. Sauvageau has comleted external investigation on 20,000 deaths. She provided a most articulate and informed testimony to the Inquiry. In the matter of […]

Lisa Goltman 6th Day

Lisa Goltman Fatality inquiry Day # 6 April 12, 2016 Jackie Goltman, mother of Lisa Goltman, addressed Inquiry April 12th, 2016. She told the Inquiry that Lisa always presented as a sweet, quiet, polite young person. Jackie told the Inquiry that Lisa began to demonstrate the DiGeorge syndrome, a chromosomal disorder, at about 17 years […]

Lisa Goltman Fatality Inquiry

Lisa Goltman Fatality inquiry Day # 7 Dr. Krista Leicht, Pychiatrist. Fatality Inquiry, Dr.Krista Leicht addressed Inquiry this morning. Participates in STARS specialized 14 Bed Unit. Dr. Leicht informed the Inquiry that Lisa’s demographic clearly matched the DiGeorge Syndrome. Lisa had spent some time in the U of A and Grey Nuns Psych unit. There […]

Lisa Goltman-Fatality Inquiry

Lisa Goltman Fatality inquiry Day # 5 Fatality Inquiry, JOLENE HASTIE, Security Officer witness She informed the court that she had been called to Unit 8, 2B, on the afternoon of March 25, 2013, found Lisa Goltman in the common room. It was identified as a “duress call’, a serious call. Said she could not […]

Lisa Goltman fatality Inquiry

Fatality Inquiry Day # 4 Lillian Slashinsky, Registered Psychiatric Nurse,(RPN) Graduated from Alberta Hospital Edmonton 1987, then known as Oliver Hospital. Lillian Slashinsky informed the Inquiry that she had worked at AHE for 35 years. She informed the court that on the evening of May 3, 2013,she worked the 11:15 PM shift to 7:00 AM […]

Lisa Goltman, Fatality Inquiry

Fatality Inquiry Day # 3 Armendra Prasad, Peace Officer testified to the Fatality Inquiry day, April 7, 2016. Mr. Prasad informed the Inquiry that he had served with the Police Force in his originating country for 24 years. He said that when he was called to Unit 8 2B and arrived, he found Lisa sitting […]

Lisa Goltman

Fatality Inquiry Day # 2 This morning testimony by Tim Bouwsema Registered Psychiatric Nurse (RPN) testified to the court that he, together with Joshua Middleton removed Lisa to the secure cell. He said that Lisa had been agitated and acting out after she had her IPod taken from her. He testified that he told Lisa […]

Lisa Goltman Fatality Inquiry

FATALITY INQUIRY Day I. Detective Niehaus of the Edmonton Police Service, testified this morning to the Fatality Inquiry, Edmonton Provincial Court of Lisa Rachel Goltman. He informed the court that when 22 year old Lisa Goltman was found unresponsive in a secure cell at 3:00 AM on May 4, 2013 at the Alberta Hospital Edmonton, […]

Scalding death at Jubilee Lodge nursing home

Report       Letter to Police November 16, 2010 Detective Bradley W. Mandrusiak, Edmonton Police Service, 9620 – 103A Ave. NW Edmonton, Alberta T5H 0-H7 Re: —, 76 years of age, deceased, April 22, 1989 We allege that on the afternoon of April 22, 1989, a person or persons filled the Alzheimer unit, Jubilee […]