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April 6, 2018


The Honourable Mr. Brian Mason, Minister of Transportation,
# 324 Legislature Building
10800 97 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5K 2B6

Ms. Olga Tavares, Director, Driver Fitness and Monitoring Branch
Main Floor, Twin Atria Building, Edmonton, AB. T6B 2X3
Via Facsimile (780) 422-6612

Dear Mr. Minister:

Dr. Sarah Feaver MD, Charles Clark Health Centre, High River, AB Breach of Operator Licensing and Vehicle Control Regulation, Alberta Traffic Safety Act, Alberta regulation 320/ 2002, Section 16 [2].

Linda Gordulic, Reviewing Officer, Driver Fitness and Monitoring, Alberta Transportation, letter dated March 13, 2018.

It has been reported to our office that on January 10, 2018, Mr. xxxxxx attended at the office of Dr. Sarah Feaver at the Charles Clark Health Centre, High River, AB, in order to renew his driving license.

He had his eyes checked before the eye chart by Patricia.
Then with out asking permission, RN, S. Kellow subjected him to a Simard MD test.

He was then referred by Dr. Feaver, for a computer-based DriveABLE test to be conducted by CBI Health Group at the Health Center Calgary Deerfoot Meadows. Mr. xxxxx completed the DriveABLE test on February 7,2018. A letter February 12, 2018, authored by Elena Sampululu, DriveABLE Asessor, stated the following:

. .

“Driving cessation is strongly recommended. Mr. xxxxx was not given an on road evaluation. The research showed that 9 / 10 individuals performing in this range on
the cognitive assessment make significant and often dangerous driving errors. A test drive on public roadways may present unnecessary risk to the driver and other road users”.

Mr. xxxxx then requested a referral from Dr. Feaver for a road test. She again referred him to DriveABLE. (attached). Since then DRIVEABLE has phoned Mr. xxxxx home numbers of times to urge him to attend for a test.

Despite Mr. xxxxx request for a Medical exam, Dr. Feaver, in breach of the Alberta Traffic Safety Act, failed to provide a proper medical exam and failed to provide him with a completed Medical Examination for Motor Vehicle Operators Form.

Mr xxxxx desperate to obtain a driving license, attended at the Rangeland High River Registry and requested a road test. The Registry required a referral from his doctor, Mr. xxxxx requested a referral from Dr. Feaver which he received. However the referral strongly stated that he had scored low on a DriveABLE computer based assessment.

As a result of Dr. Feaver’s allegation, Registry staff told him that they would have to contact Driver Fitness and Monitoring of Alberta Transportation before they could grant him a road test.

It then followed that Mr. xxxxx received the letter from Linda Gordulic, reviewing officer of Driver Fitness and Monitoring, Alberta Transportation (attached). The letter of Linda Gordulic directs the following message:

“The review of your file has now been concluded. Based on current documentation received, I regret to advise you that you do not medically qualify to operate a motor vehicle in any category and you are not approved for a provincial road test. The reinstatement of your driving privileges has been denied”.

Then in the next paragraph, she writes: “Before any further consideration may be given for approval for your drivers license, you are required to”:
1) “Demonstrate improvement . . . by undergoing and passing . . . an on road driving assessment”.

Then she goes onto say
2) “. . .
pass driving assessment by DriveABLE”.

We ask your offices to investigate this matter.

We would be grateful to be in receipt of a response by the 25th of April, 2018

Thank you.

Yours truly,


Xxxxx xxxx

Ms. Olga Tavares, Director, Driver Fitness and Monitoring Branch


    Requirement for renewing licence.


Alberta Regulation 320/2002
With amendments up to and including Alberta Regulation 30/2018

(2) A person who is 75 years old or older who applies for an operator’s licence or to renew an operator’s licence shall file with the Registrar in a form and manner acceptable to the Registrar
1. (a) a medical examination report, completed and signed by a physician, and
2. (b) a vision screening examination report completed and signed by a person designated by the Registrar.

Dr. Sarah Feaver failed to provide a medical examination report to the client as required by the legislation.