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Lorraine Adolph, Dr.Robert Granger testifies at Fatality Inquiry

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According to court testimony, Lorraine Adolph was allowed out of the 

locked doors of Building # 12 at 11:00 AM, December 4, 2008.

On the 2nd day of the Inquiry, the court heard a voicemail from 

Psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Granger,  left for the woman’s family after

 she went missing, transcribed as following.

“Hi, this is a message for Barry, it’s, ah, my name is Dr. Granger, Dr. Rob Granger. 

 I am working at Alberta Hospital –  Edmonton. Um, don’t know if you are aware

 that your mom had been admitted here a couple of days ago, um, I’d heard from 

a couple of people in the community that she wasn’t doing all that well and ah 

thought it was prudent to bring her in.

Unfortunately I’ve learned my lesson now.  I sent her out on, ah, ground privileges 

so she could have a cigarette and she was to check back in 15 minutes time and 

it’s been  almost an hour. My staff have been on top of this for the last hour already, 


we’ve notified security on the premises regarding the fact that your mother has 

not returned from her privileges so will be notifying security, actually 



 and also be ah notifying the authorities, Edmonton Police Services ah to 

keep their eyes open for her as well.  She has a jacket, I’m not sure that she has 

a whole lot of money on her but she may have taken the bus.  BUt I hope to goodness 

that ah we’re able to track her down very shortly. The time now is twenty minutes to 

one.  If you have any questions or concerns, the unit phone number is area code 

780 342 5480, 342 – 5480 and ah so well endeavour to bring her back safely. 

Thank you very much Barry and take care, good bye”

Under oath, Dr. Granger was asked if he had contacted security, he responded that
it was not in his “purview” of responsibility.

Police arrived on site at 5:30PM and were told that the grounds had been searched.

Michelle  Adolph  called Alberta Hospital shortly before 7:00 PM to see if Lorraine had been 
found.  They replied,  no, but they would have a better idea of her location at 10:00 PM  bed check.

The first foot search was conducted by security after  21:00 hours.

Dr. Graeme Dowling, Chief Medical Examiner, testified at the Fatality Inquiry via video camera.
When asked how long Lorraine Adolph would have lived before she succumbed to the sub-zero 

temperature, he told the Inquiry that it was unlikely that she would have survived more than 2 hour


Lorraine Adolph’s frozen body was found  on the grounds of Alberta Hospital 
one week later,
400 meters from the entrance of Building # 12.