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February 21, 2014

VIA Facsimile 780 341 7880 – letter to follow


Mr. Don Smitten, President & CEO

Alberta Motor Association (AMA)

11220 109 St,

Edmonton, AB T5G 2T6


Dear Mr. Smitten:


Promoting ageism


We submit that the introduction of the CAA Senior Driving Tool promotes ageism and would appear to be based on an underlying presumptive policy that older drivers may threaten road safety.


You must be aware that according to Alberta Transportation Statistics, seniors are the safest drivers on Alberta roads.   They are known to have the lowest casualty rates.


In jurisdictions that have rejected compulsory, senior driving assessments,

it was observed that normal ageing does not increase crash risk as older drivers generally regulate their own driving and compensate for any gradual decline in driving abilities.


We respectfully submit that it is time to stop fixing that which is not broken and

focus on that which is causing the carnage on our roads.


We would be grateful to be in receipt of your response by the 4th of March, 2014.


Thank you.


Yours truly,

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