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Abuse of Laura Finlay

Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society March 18, 2015 Via Facsimile (780) 415 8611 To the Protection For Persons In Care Act abuse line: Complaint against: Patrick McManus, Public Guardian Representative Office of the Public Guardian Reference: Client – Laura Guna Finlay- DOB February 23, 1922 Good Samaritan Wedman House, 10525 19 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB […]

Abuse & Neglect at Covenant Health, Villa Caritas Geriatric Centre

The client has suffered total neglect and malpractice by professional staff. She is kept in a state of perpetual fear, fear of being disciplined, fear of being subjected to takedowns and fear of being subjected to forced (psychotropic) injections…

Public Trustee bullies client

Client is in great anguish at the prospect of being evicted from her domicile. She has told us that she does not wish to leave her home, her neighborhood, her friends…

The case for electroshocking Mia

Most people imagine that electrically shocking people’s brains was long ago relegated to the dustbins of psychiatric history…

Repeatedly cold rooms at Villa Caritas

Again the heat in Room 2117, has been turned down. The resident determined that some other rooms had appropriate heat…

Dennis Riopel denied justice

The court disregarded the fact that the Office of the Public Trustee (OPT) had filed an untruthful affidavit. The Application was flawed and untrustworthy…

Anne Dupuis: Stripped of rights, prescribed dangerous medication

Letter to Minister of Human Services Hand Delivered May 22, 2012 The Honourable Mr. Dave Hancock QC, Minister of Human Services, 224 Legislature Building, Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 2B6 Dear Mr. Minister: Without Notice, Mr. Dennis Dupuis of St. Paul, has been arbitrarily stripped of the guardianship of his 100 year old mother, Anne Dupuis. The […]


Karen Zygmunski of Edmonton, AB. who had been the courtappointed trustee of her mother, L.B., has been charged withCRIMINAL BREACH OF TRUST & THEFT OVER $5,000. which is an indictable offence. L.B. was never served court documents concerning the Court Application of her daughter. In 2010, when she went to one of the banks where […]


Dear Madam Premier: Re: Ministry of Seniors and Community Supports. After decades, we have a litany of concerns in regard  to the Senior’s Ministry. They provide no advocacy. They  have a history of harming us. This bureaucracy employs  somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800 employees. There has been failure by their Office to provide, viable,  […]

Cold Rooms at Villa Caritas

On October 28, 2011, after we had made a number of complaints, the temperature was turned up to reasonable heat. Said Resident finally felt that she could take a shower which she did.

Jeanne Marie Hackama – Open Arms Group Home

Jeanne Marie Hackama plead guilty to assault at Court of Queens Bench Court thismorning, Madame Justice D.A. Sulyma presiding. The criminal investigationrevealed that Hackama withheld food and hydration from these most vulnerable,defenceless persons. Madame Justice noted that the defendant was remorseless. It was noted in the court that the Public Guardian’s Office had failed to […]

Gloria Pickles: Human Rights Complaint at Villa Caritas

Alleging that since November 2009, until the present, these persons have totally and egregiously contravened the rights of Gloria Pickles…

Landowners’ rage sparks review of new laws

Indeed. A series of bills passed in the last few years has  given government unprecedented powers to control private land and even “extinguish” owner’s rights without compensation. This has resulted in outrage by landowners. However to date there has been no widespread outrage at  government which has deliberately legislated the violation of  citizenship rights & Charter Rights of […]


Seniors are being targeted by those who wish to seize their money and estates. Personal Directives, Powers of Attorney and competency assessments, are designed tools used to accomplish this. Each in a moment, can strip a senior of all rights, legal rights, citizenship rights, access to their money. Frontline offenders are the Office of the […]


David Chen who made a citizen’s arrest of a known thief  was charged with  assault & forcible confinement & had to defend himself in court. Chen, a  37-year-old father-of-two who works nearly 20 hours a day making $35,000  a year, has been on trial for chasing down career thief Anthony Bennett in  May of 2009. Two of Chen’s employees also faced criminal charges […]