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Peter Radesh: Detained at the Royal Alex

We find it troubling that seniors are being detained in active treatment beds. Many are given little or no nursing care. They have no recreation…

Dora Cinciruk: Locked away unlawfully against her will

Dora was an independent tax paying citizen, always paid her utilities, was never involved in criminal activities, loved her home, enjoyed planting a large garden. Last October, she injured her foot. In November, 2009, she entered the U of A Hospital, never again allowed to return to her home. While at the hospital for treatment, […]

Deceptive Government Publication

The Publication by the Office of the Public Guardian, UNDERSTANDING PERSONAL DIRECTIVES, states that the law in Alberta, does not allow family members to make decisions on their behalf. However, after making a search, we found that no such law exists…


April 19, 2010, @ 2:00 PM Edmonton Court House Queens Bench Surrogate Court Re: Vera Croucher matter (Confidential Patient) May 3rd, 2010, @ 2:00 PM Edmonton Court House Queens Bench Surrogate Court: Re: Dora Cinciruk who has been unlawfully detained. June 21 & 22nd, 2010, @ 9:30 AM Fort Saskatchewan Provincial  Court. Fort Saskatchewan Court house House, […]


 -Edmonton Court of Queens Bench Surrogate Court, Edmonton, AB. March 29, 2010, Monday @ 2:00 PM  Hearing in regard to Stephen Pillott, 104 years old A son is suing him. – Edmonton Court of Queens Bench Surrogate Court, Edmonton, AB. April 12, 2010, @ 2:00 PM Application for Guardianship & Trusteeship of Dora Cinciruk who […]


 – Edmonton Court of Queens Bench, Surrogate Court, Edmonton, AB. Monday, March 1, 2010 @ 2:00 PM Application, Trusteeship & Guardianship re: Helen Tiedemann of Tofield,  (Detained in Vegreville Care Center, detained / imprisoned for 8 months behind locked doors in secure unit with cognitively impaired persons, disallowed to leave center at any time) total violation of […]

DriveAble Report Used to Strip Senior of Rights

The following was excerpted from a lengthy complaint which had been made to the Alberta Law Society concerning the abuse of Martha Matich, February 25, 2000, prepared by the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society…

Appeal for Federal Intervention to the Minister of Health

The Elder Advocates of Alberta Society call for an appeal from the Federal Government to investigate the Alberta Government’s Adult Guardianship and Trusteeship Act…

Strawberry Soda

One day Grandma went for a walk. She wanted her favourite treat, a strawberry soda. So off to the bank she went to get $5.00. There should have been $5,500.00 in savings, as they had sold their house in Pointe de Chene, N.B. Well, her bank account was bare…

Bureaucrat Admits Theft of $1.2 M from Ill and Vulnerable

The woman’s secret source of wealth was unearthed in a Toronto courtroom, as Biazar pleaded guilty to stealing more than $1.23-million from mentally ill, homeless and even dead people whose interests she was supposed to be protecting…

Restriction of Visitors from Dependent Adult

It is well over a year since the Guardian of Mrs. Emma Kadnar has denied her the right to have me visit her. It is her strong wish to see me. Attached is a letter from Mrs. Kadnar, that verifies this…

Media Information: Senior Missing for Four Years

On September 16, 2004, Elisabeth Liesje Bontane, the 89 year old mother of Elizabeth Fielding failed to return home from her daily attendance at the Kirby Center Daycare Program. It would be four years before Ms. Fielding would see her mother again…


SENIORS INFORMATION MEETING Friday, November 27, 2009 @ 1:30 PM Leduc Seniors Centre – Telford House 4907 – 46 Street Phone # 780 – 986-6160 ADULT GUARDIANSHIP & TRUSTEESHIP ACT This act is unjust legislation which disregards citizens rights, and violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It’s shocking that legislators have proclaimed Bill #24, […]


On September 16, 2004, Elisabeth Liesje Bontane, 89 year oldmother of E.F. failed to return home from her daily attendance at the Kirby Center Daycare Program. It would be four years before Ms. F. would see her mother again.GOVERNMENT BREACHES DEPENDENT ADULT LEGISLATION She was not given information or served any documents by the Kirby […]

Unjust Selling of Property

We have learned that the farm of Emma Kadnar is to be sold. At a meeting, which you, the Honourable Minister of Seniors, Ms. M.Jablonski and others attended at the Warburg Seniors Center on April 1, 2009, Ms. Brenda Lee Doyle, Director, Office of Public Guardian, stated unequivocally, that farms and property of dependent seniors would not be liquidated unless there was a financial need to pay for the care of the senior…