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Criminal behaviour by the Public Guardian

As told to us by Joanne, daughter of Shirley Hamilton, At 7:00 PM, September 12, 2012, Joanne received a phone call from her mother. Hamilton was sobbing, saying she did not know where she was and that she was very frightened…

Dennis Riopel denied justice

The court disregarded the fact that the Office of the Public Trustee (OPT) had filed an untruthful affidavit. The Application was flawed and untrustworthy…

Anne Dupuis: Stripped of rights, prescribed dangerous medication

Letter to Minister of Human Services Hand Delivered May 22, 2012 The Honourable Mr. Dave Hancock QC, Minister of Human Services, 224 Legislature Building, Edmonton, Alberta, T5K 2B6 Dear Mr. Minister: Without Notice, Mr. Dennis Dupuis of St. Paul, has been arbitrarily stripped of the guardianship of his 100 year old mother, Anne Dupuis. The […]

Elder abuse at Peter Lougheed Hospital, Calgary

Hundreds of seniors are languishing in active treatment beds. They are held under guard, bullied, treated unjustly, denied all rights. This epidemic of elder abuse, is happening across the province An example of such abuse is happening at the Peter Lougheed Hospital, Calgary, AB. A senior citizen has been stripped of all rights & also […]

Shirley Hamilton: Office of Public Guardian confines Ontario Resident

Last month, Ms. Hamilton, on her own volition, called our office, appealing for help. She informed us, that she had first called a media outlet who referred her to us…


Dear Madam Premier: Re: Ministry of Seniors and Community Supports. After decades, we have a litany of concerns in regard  to the Senior’s Ministry. They provide no advocacy. They  have a history of harming us. This bureaucracy employs  somewhere in the neighborhood of 1800 employees. There has been failure by their Office to provide, viable,  […]

Upcoming Hearing -Court of Appeal -Thursday,May 3, 2012 @ 10:00AM – Edmonton Court House

March 4, 2010, Lillian Baker went to her bank where she  kept her savings. (She usually banked at another bank) A clerk told her that they could not give her any of her hard  earned money because she was under the trusteeship of  her daughter. Karen. She was in total shock.  Court had appointed Daughter, Karen as  her […]

Gloria Pickles: Human Rights Complaint at Villa Caritas

Alleging that since November 2009, until the present, these persons have totally and egregiously contravened the rights of Gloria Pickles…

Landowners’ rage sparks review of new laws

Indeed. A series of bills passed in the last few years has  given government unprecedented powers to control private land and even “extinguish” owner’s rights without compensation. This has resulted in outrage by landowners. However to date there has been no widespread outrage at  government which has deliberately legislated the violation of  citizenship rights & Charter Rights of […]


Seniors are being targeted by those who wish to seize their money and estates. Personal Directives, Powers of Attorney and competency assessments, are designed tools used to accomplish this. Each in a moment, can strip a senior of all rights, legal rights, citizenship rights, access to their money. Frontline offenders are the Office of the […]


David Chen who made a citizen’s arrest of a known thief  was charged with  assault & forcible confinement & had to defend himself in court. Chen, a  37-year-old father-of-two who works nearly 20 hours a day making $35,000  a year, has been on trial for chasing down career thief Anthony Bennett in  May of 2009. Two of Chen’s employees also faced criminal charges […]


HELEN T. In October 2008, Central placement placed Helen T. in a locked alzheimer ward. She was detained like a maximum security prisoner for 8 months, never allowed to leave not even for a cup of  coffee.   April 2009 & June 2009, reassessments were made & it was determined that she had been very wrongly placed.  However, she was not moved to […]

Human Rights complaint refused

HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION COMPLAINT UNDER THE ALBERTA HUMAN RIGHTS ACT We, the Elder Advocates of Alberta Society COMPLAIN AGAINST Guardians of Helen Tiedemann DOB 1938, March 12 Mrs Vera (John) Heitman Mr. Ralph Tiedemann Alleging that since October 2008 until the present, the Guardians of Helen Tiedemann have disallowed Helen Tiedemann to go for a […]

Myrtle Hofer: Senior apprehended by Public Guardian

On June 16, 2010, Ms.Tobi-Dawn McRae, Public Guardian Officer, Lethbridge made an ex parte Application to the court for the apprehension of Mrs. Hofer…

B.C. man loses right to care for wife

An elderly B.C. man says a provincial health authority stripped him and his wife of their legal and financial rights after he complained bitterly about his wife’s care in the long-term care wing of a local hospital. “She would have been far better at home,” said George Brent, 83, of his wife’s care at the […]