"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

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ATTENTION 10:00 AM = THURSDAY APRIL 19TH & FRIDAY 20TH, 2007. Edmonton Court House 97 St. & 102A Ave

Senior’s multimillion dollar estate seized without a lawyerwithout a court order & with invalid documents. Senior continues to be detained behind locked doors at the Rosedale, Griesbach, his visitors severely restricted. His old Pastor and others are being disallowed to visit.One weekend evening, a caregiver told visitors to leave because the family did not wish […]

Monday, February 26/07- Edmonton Court House 97 St. & 102A Av – RE: —

ESTATE SEIZEDA multi-million dollar estate, was seized without a lawyer, without a CourtOrder and with invalid documents. The victimized senior, a hard working Alberta citizen is being detained and kept isolated behind locked doors inan Assisted Living Facility, stripped of all rights. He was denied the rightto a lawyer, his mail (couriered mail) & visitors […]

COMPETENCY ISSUE – Edmonton – Surrogate Court – September 5, 2006 @2:00PM

Once you have been declared incompetent, it is a hard road (virtually impossible)toregain your rights. When you have been declared incompetent, you arestripped of all your rights. You no longer have right to your bank account ordetermine where you live. in thesurrogate court, you are referred to as “the estate of”. There may be a […]