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100-year-old tied to toilet

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Complaint Report


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Letter of Complaint

September 25, 2012
via Facsimile 780 415 8611

Screenshot 2014-03-04 at 11.42.50 PMProtection For Persons in Care File # 7689
We object to the following complaint being dismissed.

To the Protection For Persons In Care Act File # 7689
Complaint against

Dany-Ann Fournier, RN, Care Manager,
J.P. Decosse Long term Care Center, St. Paul, AB.

Reference – Resident – Annie Dupuis
On August 1, 2012, @ 10:10 AM – 100 year old Annie Dupuis was: – found with the door to her room closed – found strapped to a toilet seat, by means of a transfer belt

Tying old people to a toilet for the convenience of nursing home care staff is unacceptable to us and it is troubling that your office apparently condones such practices. It is even more troubling that the J.P.Decosse Long term Care Center of St. Paul, AB. allows such dangerous, abusive protocol.

In the past we have knowledge of an older person who was tied to a toilet and who slipped through the restraint. The elder suffered a fractured hip. This happened in the Drayton Valley area.

We ask you to review this matter. Thank you.

Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society

cc. The Honourable Mr. Frank Oberle, Assoc. Minister of Human Services