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August 30, 2017

The Honourable. Mr. John D. Rooke. Associate Chief Justice
Judges Chambers, Edmonton Law courts,
1A Sir Winston Churchill Square,
Edmonton, AB. T5J 0R2

Your Honour:
File No. # 15104278582-01 – 001
Charges – 162.1 (3)
Scheduled for Jury Trial – September 11, 2017

Pursuant to the Police Act, RSA 2000, c P -17, Section 42.1 (1) (c)
at the request of Shawn Gordon Cullen, we are acting as his Agent and
also as his advocate.

Mr. Cullen was apprehended August 26, 2015 by members of the Edmonton
Police Service and remanded to the Remand Centre Edmonton.
He was granted bail November 30, 2016, after over 17 months of detention.
1.- The client has alleged to us that the criminal charges filed against him
are fabricated, are false.
– That in fact the client was not disseminating porn but rather was
attempting to
“protect children as there was material (child pornography) on google
which was not managed correctly” –
– He alleges that he was attempting to bring the issue to the attention
of the authorities.
– prior to the August 26, 2015 apprehension and arrest, EPS Detective Steve
Horchuk sent the client numbers of emails in which he cited communications
about the client’s Blog, complementing the client on the Blog
– telling the client that most do not realize how hard he had been working on the
– informing the client that he was considered to be invited to be part of a Board
that addresses system issues because his abilities would be useful.

– On the evening of August 26, 2015, when the client was apprehended and
arrested, Detective Horchuk sent an email to the client requesting a
meeting at Tim Hortons, area 105 St.
The email cited

“share research” to rescue and
“help these children”.
It was not a steamy web chat invitation.

On June 16, 2016 , at a bail hearing, Mr. JAMES ROWAN Crown Prosecutor, informed the
Court that the Crown must determine whether the material for which Mr. Cullen has criminal
charges against him is illegal / criminal. He reported to the court that THERE HAD BEEN NO
(Court Transcript, June 16, 2016, Page 6 Lines 21-24)

We respectfully submit that this carries the damning message, why has the Crown detained
this man behind locked doors under harsh circumstances for over one year, when in fact
the Crown has failed to determine whether the matter is criminal or not?

During his detention, Mr. Cullen reported to us that he was

– strip searched

– subjected to a dry cell where he was denied water and had to urinate and defecate
via a towel,

– subjected to a rubber room where he was made to sleep with his face inches from a
container of someone else’s stale urine.

– water was turned off to the inmates.
(We have learned of a parallel account where water was turned off to a ward at
Alberta Hospital Edmonton. In that instance, the patient often was thirsty
asking for a drink. Hands and fingernails of the patient were covered with
feces because there was no opportunity to wash hands after going to the bathroom.
When family complained to staff, they were advised that patient could have asked
to wash hands and would have been allowed to wash hands in the (locked) bath tub
room).(Goltman Fatality Inquiry)

– humiliated & forced to wear ‘a baby doll’ without underwear.

– endured threats on his life, gang stocking

– name called by guards, names such as “skinner”, which invited abuse & contempt from
other inmates.

– and other inmates were encouraged to suicide.

– witnessed physical and mental abuse and even decease of other inmates
a 24 year old inmate, an immigration detainee from East Africa,
deceased May 14, 2016 @ 10:00 PM. To date there has been no Fatality Inquiry.

at Alberta Hospital Edmonton,
– without cause, was forcibly administered a contraindicated, muscular injection,
Zuclopenthixol (Acuphase 50 mgm.).

Zuclopenthixol Is indicated for treatment of psychotic episodes or exacerbation
of psychosis due to schizophrenia.

Mr. Cullen called us, by phone, a number of times, prior to the injection and immediately after.
We can report that he was not experiencing a psychotic episode.

Zuclopenthixol is not approved for use in the United States.

We submit that throughout this matter, it strongly appears that Mr. Cullen has already suffered
punishment and furthermore, the courts are overwhelmed by criminal cases that desperately need to
be prosecuted.

Therefore, we pray that your Honour will dismiss or at least stay the matter concerning Mr. Cullen.

Respectfully submitted

On Monday, September 11th, 2017, @ 2:00 PM, the MATTER concerning Mr.Cullen was not dismissed or stayed.
Mr.Cullen who is most fearful of the authorities failed to attend the court. The Honourable Court
ordered a warrant for his arrest.
This man, because of being apprehended in August of 2015 for undefined, undetermined charges, has lost
his apartment, his belongings, his AISH income, even his beloved cat. He has been left with nothing.
He is homeless, being HUNTED by the authorities.
We allege that when apprehended will be returned to the brutality and injustice of the Remand Centre.
The authorities will then assert that justice has been served and the process of allegedly bringing
Mr. Cullen to justice will start all over again- all at your and my cost, our TAXPAYER DOLLARS.