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Lawyer Abuses Power of Attorney

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November 3, 2010

Mr. XXXXX Barrister & Solicitor
Edmonton, AB. T5G 0X5

Mr.Walter John Mukanik, DOB June 23 1932, L09 Villa Marguerite 9810 165 Street, Edmonton, AB.

We, The Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society, speak and advocate for defenseless and vulnerable persons and therefore have interest in this matter.

We have known Mr. Mukanik for several years. We find him to be a delightful man who is informed in regard to many issues. Any time we have met with him he was totally oriented to date, time and place. He may have suffered very minor memory issues at one time but presently, we find him too be very competent. He is strongly aware that he has lost his rights and wishes to have them re-instated.

Therefore, we urge you to dismiss the relevant Personal Directive and Power of Attorney at your earliest.

Please allow us to be in receipt of your response by the 12th of November, 2010.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Elder Advocates of Alberta Society,


c.c. Mr. Walter Mukanik

July 8, 2013

The Honourable Mr. Dave Hancock,
Minister of Human Services,
#224 Legislature Building

Please note the attached letter concerning XXXXX XXXXX

That is part of the grave injustice, that when one is declared incompetent, one cannot appeal or even review the matter because one is not allowed access to documents unless one retains a lawyer. Because the victimized senior has been stripped of rights and money he cannot access his money and therefore is unable to retain counsel. Mr. Mukanik was a wealthy man.

Furthermore, we have found, lawyers are reluctant to take on such matters because it means challenging the entire system.

Please be advised that XXXXX XXXXXXXX appeared to be a friend of the Office of the Public Trustee, he received referrals from the Office of the Public Trustee.