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Abuse of Power

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To whom it may concern,


I writing this text over concerns about how some of the residents of ______ Lodge in _____, AB
have been treated as the restrictions around COVID-19 have lighten
a bit. It seems that the management at the ________ lodge have increased restriction rules to
keep the residents from leaving the building.

I have recently contacted the PPIC to file a formal complaint over what I witnessed as abuse
of power and intimidation by management
, where 2 lodge staff members, one being in a management
role refused to leave a residents room after the resident asked them to come back later as
she just woke up and needed time to gather her thoughts.

They(staff members) then continued the conversation about how she needs to mask when she
was in congregated areas of the lodge. which caused the resident to become very upset,
she was unable to get a word in edgewise.

I believe the reason for this confrontation was due to an earlier incident that took
place on ____=, which resulted in five residents receiving warning letters of eviction.

This is nothing new there.. this type of treatment towards residents has been happening
for a long time, even prior to the pandemic. The residents have stated that they
feel like they do not have a voice.

The lodge has implemented there own rules around masking, if a resident leaves for
what the lodge deems a non essential service they have to continually mask for 14
days while out in congregated areas and take their meals in their room. There are
currently 3 residents that have had to comply with this rule.

As it states on the Alberta Health website under what are the responsibilities of
the residents it states that it is recommended that they stay in but not required.
If they do decide to go out they have to follow the social distancing rule like
everyone else. When they come back they are screened, temps are taken and they have
to go to their rooms wash and change their cloths. No where is there any mention
on the AHS website that they have to mask for 14 days while in congregated areas

I would also like to mention that there is no consistency in this rule as it has
been witnessed that some residents have left the lodge not wearing a mask at all
with family members. After their return they were not required to mask while out
in congregated areas.

Please advise.

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