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Advisory Councils

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People you need to read this. Sarah Hoffman has no shame.
She wants residents and their families to have the right to create advisory councils
to advocate for care. Many facilities already have Family Forums and other Residents
Councils in operation. What is she trying to achieve?

This is from someone who has allowed the bureaucrat bloated AHS to slash Long-Term Care
funding to the bone. Treated vulnerable, voiceless seniors as a disposable liability.
Refused to support advocates who have spoken out and who are now banned from and/or being
sued by the Facility.

Now this person is proposing legislation to use the residents and their families to form
councils to, with her backing, make ongoing care demands on already underfunded,
overwhelmed, short staffed caregivers in Long-Term Care facilities.
These caregivers
are already providing the best possible empathetic care and comfort to those in their
charge under the most difficult conditions.
She wants to make their work more difficult?
She should be improving funding and other desperately needed requirements. Not trying
to get her name on meaningless legislation.
This person is playing political games for her own benefit and should have been replaced,
long ago, by someone knowledgeable about the Healthcare system and the responsibilities
of Health Minister.
Dr. Edward Redshaw 01/11/17