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Animal cruelty

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City police issue animal cruelty warrants after dozens of cats euthanized

Edmonton police have issued warrants for the arrest of two women after dozens of cats had to be euthanized over serious health issues.

Edmonton animal care and control peace officers found multiple cats living in “deplorable conditions” while conducting a search warrant with Edmonton police at a property near 112 Avenue and 95 Street on Sept. 21, an EPS news release said Monday. A motorhome parked on the property was also searched.

“Extreme levels of ammonia from cat defecation and decaying animal flesh forced EPS officers to call in a hazmat team from Edmonton Fire and Rescue Services to enter the dwelling,” said EPS spokesperson Scott Pattison in the release.

A total of 52 cats, most in poor health, were found surrounded by feces, urine and syringes inside the residence and a motorhome. A “decomposing feline” was also found inside the motorhome. Once the cats were seized, 37 had to be put down due to serious health issues.

Warrants have now been issued for the arrest of Kelly Jenner, 38 and Alisha Leclercq, 32.

COMMENT; However elderly humans do not have legislative protection.




Animal protection legislation

Legislation Canada’s Criminal Code Sections 444 to 447 of constitute Canada’s primary federal animal protection legislation. The Code prohibits causing “unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal or bird” and “causing damage or injury by wilful neglect”.