"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

ATTENTION 10:00 AM = THURSDAY APRIL 19TH & FRIDAY 20TH, 2007. Edmonton Court House 97 St. & 102A Ave

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Senior’s multimillion dollar estate seized without a lawyerwithout a court order & with invalid documents. Senior continues to be detained behind locked doors at the Rosedale, Griesbach, his visitors severely restricted. His old Pastor and others are being disallowed to visit.One weekend evening, a caregiver told visitors to leave because the family did not wish the father to be visited.
It strongly appears the senior is being totally and deliberatelyisolated. Many days he has no visitors. He tells us, “I’m so lonely”.He is being detained with cognitively impaired people with whom he cannot communicate This is in violation of theProtection for Persons in Care Act Chapter P-19,5 This Act defines abuse to include: 1(a) ii “Intentionally causing emotional harm. . . . . coercing or restricting from appropriate social contact “. .A four year study published in the Archives of Psychiatry,suggests that loneliness and isolation can accelerateand even cause dementia and Alzheimer disease in the elderly.

We find him coherent, totally oriented to date, time and place.

He fully understands that our good will is not enough to

free him, that only a lawyer can get him out of his situation, he has repeatedly said, “Get me a lawyer”.In early December, when a lawyer came to see the senior,facility staff ordered the lawyer to leave which he did. Later that same month, the family through their lawyer informed us that the senior would not be allowed to retain a lawyer. This, in contravention of the PersonalDirectives Act Part 2, Section 4(b) “that the maker maymake an application to the court for a review of the(capacity) determination. How can one make anapplication to the court for a review without a lawyer?He was disallowed to receive his mail, one was a courieredletter. Who has that mail?He is not being taken to his family doctor but to the “current family doctor” who filled out a negative Form 1 on Feb.07.(court transcript P. 14 Feb.26/07)A complaint was made to the Protection For Persons in Care (PPCA) that the senior was being taunted, (“You’ve lost yourrights” You’ve lost everything” You’ll never get out of here”) However the family disallowed the PPCA investigator to interview the senior to determine the veracity of the complaint.Recently, visitors overheard a family member loudly bullying the elderly Father in his room. This has also been reported tothe PPCA. However in letter, April 2/07, PPCA Director, Edith Baraniecki RN, states they will not investigate the complaint of verbal abuse.Protection for Persons in Care Act Chapter P-19,5 This Act defines abuse to include:1(a) ii “Intentionally causing emotional harm., including, but not limited to, threatening, intimidating, humiliating, harassing, coercing or restricting from appropriate social contact “. A complaint that the lawyer for the family mislead the court on February 26th , is being investigated by Alberta Law Society.Counsel, which has now been retained for the senior despitefamily objection, will make Application to the court for a Writ of Habeas Corpus on Thursday April 19th, 2007.The senior’s family are now applying to the court for Guardianship & Trusteeship of senior although in November/06, RN, Case Manager,strongly informed us that he was under guardianship and trusteeship of his children.Madame Justice Veit has ruled that senior may not attend at upcoming hearings to speak on his own behalf and has placeda publication ban. He has said a number of times he wishes to attendcourt even though he is aware that he will not be allowed to be heard.Court has directed that senior may not attend at lawyers office.At both previous hearings, Justices failed to hear rights issues.A senior advocate is being asked by the family, for a $50,000 security deposit in regard to this matter.

In this matter, it strongly appears that no one is willing to protect

and enforce the rights of seniors.

The Courts have disregarded the issue of rights.

Madame Justice Topolniski stated, on February/07, “given that he

has been there (locked up) since October “, the matter of rights would

not be heard until April, “.. . as unpleasant as that may be”.

Gov. investigative agency, PPCA say they cannot interview senior in

regard to complaints, his family says no. But PPC lengthily interviewed

those whom we identified as perpetrators & churned out pages of response

in regard to their non-investigations. Now in regard to the bullying matter

they refuse to even go through the motions. The PPCA provides no protection.

Gov. Ministers, at the highest level, have been informed of this matter.

Physicians are perceived to be patient advocates. A gerontology

physician at the Royal Alex, told the senior, who requested information

& documents, “You have no rights”. Another physician was overheard

to say to a family member,”They can’t do anything”.

Police, who are typically over-extended, appear to be at the beck and

call of the family in regard to this matter.

Facility staff are acting as the enforcers, intercepting & interrogating

visitors, intercepting the senior’s mail – giving out misinformation.

Because he is being so totally isolated & verbally bullied, we believe

he may succumb to the Stockholm syndrome, He is approaching 83 yrs.

What hope does he have? Why is he locked up?

We are cooperating with the “Friends of ____ ______”

For further information, call 780/438 8314 PLEASE ATTEND.