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Blackadar Care Centre contravenes province’s long-term care

The Hamilton nursing home lost power for more than 13 hours.
Internal documents show it wasn’t an isolated incident

The call bells used to summon staff for help stopped working
the instant the nursing home lost power during a major winter
storm last Dec. 23. So did the electric ceiling lifts that
people rely on to get into their wheelchairs. One person who
requires a feeding pump couldn’t eat or drink.

Wind, snow and flash freezing knocked out power for nearly
60,000 people in the southwestern Ontario city of Hamilton,
including those living and working in the Blackadar Continuing
Care Centre.

They went without essential services for 13½ hours, from 5 p.m.
until 6:30 a.m. the next day when power was eventually restored.

Internal Blackadar e-mails, government inspection reports and
complaints obtained by The Globe and Mail, including one that
detailed the recent outage, show that this blackout wasn’t an
isolated incident,

Blackadar has repeatedly contravened the province’s long-term
care legislation with impunity, a Globe investigation has found.


Adapted Globe and Mail