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Murray Billett

October 5, 2009 Via Facsimile 780 496 8292 Mayor Stephen Mandel, Office of the Mayor, 2nd Floor City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton, AB. T5J 2R7 Dear Mayor Mandel: REFERENCE:MURRAY BILLETT – POLICE COMMISSION REPRESENTATIVE. On Monday, September 28th, 2009, @ 11:00 AM, a number of us attended at a University Hospital, Edmonton, […]

When Families Were Blocked From Long-Term Care Homes

WHAT HAPPENED WHEN FAMILIES WERE BLOCKED FROM LONG TERM CARE HOMES. When public health officials across Canada banned visitors from nursing homes in order to protect residents from COVID-19, they cut off an essential support system. They inadvertently created a feeding crisis. Family members and advocates say some residents have died from dehydration and others […]

Alberta Health Services Taking Over Long Term Care

Manoir du Lac, McLennan AB. Alberta Health Services is taking over Manoir du Lac, a continuing care facility in McLennan that has seen 37 confirmed COVID-19 cases and five deaths due to “inadequate” care standards. Manoir du Lac has 62 residents and employs 70 staff, according to AHS. As of Friday, 26 residents had tested […]

Horror at Montreal’s RESIDENCE HERRON

HORROR AT MONTREAL’S LONG TERM CARE RESIDENCE HERRON The Quebec coroner, health authorities and the police have launched investigations in the wake of the deaths of 31 residents at a Montreal seniors’ home, where the owners allegedly withheld medical files and staff left their posts amid an outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Relatives described a […]

DriveABLE’s Published Statements

TAB 7 DRIVEABLE’s PUBLISHED STATEMENTS a) “DriveABLE testing is the only assessment program of it’s kind to be able to objectively measure the patients cognitive ability to drive.” b) Predicts actual on- road performance c) It is the only cognitive assessment shown to be highly predictive of actual on road performance. d) Measures the cognitive […]

DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc.


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Older Drivers Do Not Have a High Crash Risk


CTV & CEO Barclay, Misrepresented Older Canadians

TAB 2 CTV & CEO Barclay, MISREPRESENTED OLDER CANADIANS. The fact that seniors are safe drivers, has now been reinforced by the powerful United States Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. On February 21st., 2014, Joan Lowry of Associated Press issued a News Release in Washington D.C. by the United States Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, […]

Age and Sex of Drivers Involved in Casualty Collisions


DriveABLE – CTV / CEO PJ Barclay present misleading broadcast

COMPLAINT TO CTV     REFERENCE: https://www.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=1341423&playlistId=1.3831326&binId=1.810401&playlistPageNum=1&binPageNum=1   1) P-J Barclay CEO & President, DriveABLE made misleading and even untruthful statements to CTV in a recent television broadcast hosted by Todd van der Heyden, broadcast by CTV titled “DriveABLE seeks to prevent senior driving deaths”   2) The broadcast presented as an infomercial. Playing across […]

Viking, AB. Nursing Home Neglect Results in Elder’s Death

“People go to jail for treating their pets in the same way,” Staff at Extendicare nursing home abused woman before her death from dehydration. According to AHS, there were 273 allegations of abuse at seniors’ homes it funds between April 2018 and March 2019. Most were determined to be unfounded, but many still prompted suggestions […]

Saskatchewan Daughter Steals and Bankrupts Mother

Elder abuse expert Lynn McDonald routinely fields calls concerning financial exploitation, but none more dramatic than a recent incident involving a woman in Saskatchewan who was nearly bankrupted by one of her own adult children as she underwent hip replacement surgery. “The daughter convinced the mother to sign over everything to her while she was […]