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AMA affirms Simard MD fraudulent

AMA AFFIRMS SIMSRD MD FRAUDULENT. Don Szarko, Director of Advocacy and Community services, ALBERTA MOTOR ASSOCIATION affirmed to us at the Grey Matters Conference? 2014, that that the concept, perpetrated by Dr. Bonnie Dobbs, that ?“a cognitively intact person can easily pass the Simard MD”,? is false.? Across the province, senior’s lives have been disrupted […]

When Families Were Blocked From Long-Term Care Homes

WHAT HAPPENED WHEN FAMILIES WERE BLOCKED FROM LONG TERM CARE HOMES. When public health officials across Canada banned visitors from nursing homes in order to protect residents from COVID-19, they cut off an essential support system. They inadvertently created a feeding crisis. Family members and advocates say some residents have died from dehydration and others […]

Ed. Rockburne, RCMP (retired(

TESTING SENIOR DRIVERS OTTAWA CITIZEN Dear Mr. Egan, My name is Ed. Rockburne, retired Sgt from the RCMP who has spent the last 31/2 years researching and trying to bring to the publics attention, that special testing of older drivers is based on nothing more than common myth and discrimination. All major research in Canada […]

Collateral Damages

Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society December 13, 2014 Via Email letters The Honourable Mr. Wayne Drysdale, Minister of Transportation, # 324 Legislature Building 10800 97 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, Canada T5K 2B6 Dear Mr. Minister: IS DRIVEABLE A GOVERNMENT TEST? (attached) Please be advised that in fact DriveABLE makes the determination as to who will drive. […]