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Chaplain position removed

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NDP needs to explain removal of spiritual care position

Wildrose Shadow Seniors, Housing & Mental Health

Minister Mark Smith and Wildrose Shadow Health Minister Tany Yao
called on Health Minister Sarah Hoffman to explain the AHS
decision to remove a specialized spiritual care coordinator
position at the Tom Baker Cancer Centre.

The coordinator provided patients with assistance regarding life
& death matters. This non-denominational role also provided
essential spiritual support to cancer patients.

“A lack of spiritual support can have severely detrimental effects
on one’s mental health,” Smith said. “We look forward to an
explanation from the Minister on why this position was cut.”

Wildrose believes spiritual support is essential to a comprehensive
care approach. Without needed spiritual support patients & their
families lack a valued and trusted member of the healthcare team.

“Patients are wondering why this integral position was cut,”
Yao said. “A role of this nature is a valuable coping mechanism
for those suffering from major illness. The Health Minister needs
to explain this decision. 04/02/17