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Commentary: Derrel R. Dular Managing Director of Alliance of Seniors

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Mr. Derrell R. Dular, Managing Director,
Alliance of Seniors/Older Canadians Network,

Dear Sir, re:   Discrimination of Elderly Drivers of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia.

The three Provinces mentioned above have entered into the discrimination of Elderly Drivers by requiring them to undergo special testing, upon reaching the age of 80 years, whether or not accident free, and in good health.

The Provincial Claims for doing this, was because” The elderly have the most accidents and constitute a traffic Risk”.

I have spent the last two and a half years researching traffic statistics in Canada, the United States, Europe and Australia, and all of the major statistics show, year after year, the elderly have the best driving records, this includes the statistics of the violating Provinces.

Just to mention a few of the major statistical agencies that were consulted and agree, that the elderly are the safest drivers on the roads:

Statistics Canada, The Insurance Bureau of Canada, Trial Lawyers of Canada,  Candrive Canada, the Federally Sponsored 5 year research on older drivers, Lakehead University,The Centre For Research and Safe Driving, The Accident Research Centre,Monash University, of Australia, who world renown, and did a( 5 year study, using Canadian Content, and concluding that special testing of the elderly cannot be justified.,) The United States Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, (Who just completed a 6 year study on Feb. 27th, 2014, concluding that the elderly, are the safest on the roads), The United States Senses Bureau, Abstract 2012, page 698., The Organization For Economic Co-Operation and Development(Report on Ageing And Transportation 2001, for which, Canada was signatory.

I have brought this overwhelming evidence to the attention of the Provinces concerned, as well as the Federal Justice Minister, and although, none contradict the evidence, all refuse to act.

This clearly violates the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms,  The Criminal Code on False Pretenses,   The Criminal Code on Elder Abuse,   The Criminal Code on Breach of Trust, and the Corner Stone of the Canadian Judicial System, “The Right of an Individual to be Considered Innocent Until Proven Guilty”.

All three Provinces are in a close, and suspicious relationship with a driving testing company called DriveABLE, wherein, the part owner of the Company’s wife, is a consultant to the Provinces Transportation Ministry regarding sanctions to be applied against the elderly, and then the Province sends the elderly driver to that Company for testing, at a cost to the driver.

In Alberta alone, it is estimated that 8000 elderly have lost their licenses, many unfairly.  As you must be aware, Health Canada has stated that “ When mobility is taken from seniors, depression, Alcohol Abuse and suicide soon follow.”

I am writing you for your assistance in this very damaging situation against the elderly of this Country, that our Governments must be forced to address.

Yours Sincerely,

Ed. Rockburne, RCMP,

Retired, and for more details our website, stopelderdriverabuse.ca

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