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Dana I.Carlson – Law Society of Alberta – Notice of Suspension

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Hearing Committee found the conduct of Dana I. Carlson, 
Red Deer, AB. to be deserving of sanction on 5 citations
on February 28, 2012. Pursuant to Section 72(1)(b) 
of the Legal Profession Act R.S.A. 2000, c. L-8,Mr. Carlson 
has been suspended for 3 months, effective March 26, 2012.

1) unwittingly enabling a party or parties to achieve an 
improper purpose; 

2)issuing inadvertently misleading or inappropriate letters 
used for the purpose of giving reassurance to prospective 
investors regarding the security of their investments; 

3) improperly accepting compensation other than legal 
fees from a party or parties seeking to achieve an improper purpose; 

4) representing clients in business transactions he knew or 
ought to have known were in breach of securities law; 

5) unnecessarily complicating the Law Society investigation 
by destroying potential evidence and not being immediately
forthright in explaining to the Law Society why he did so.

The Hearing Committee also ordered that Mr. Carlson pay the 
actual costs of the hearing estimated in the amount of $7,134.75