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DriveABLE Assessment Corporation Inc.

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DriveABLE Assessment Corporation Inc. fabricates, widely publishing that:

“DriveABLE testing is the only assessment program of it’s kind to be able to objectively measure a patients cognitive ability to drive.”

“It’s the only cognitive assessment to be highly predictive of actual on-road performance.

They further state that they can
“accurately predict actual on-road performance”

They also widely publish that,

“We protect safe drivers from misidentification”.

If DriveABLE presented the above claims to a judicial proceeding, they could be found guilty of an indictable offence.

Criminal Code of Canada Section 137 Every one who, with intent to mislead, fabricates anything with intent that it shall be used as evidence in a judicial proceeding, existing or proposed, by any means other than perjury or incitement to perjury is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.


We urge seniors, to contact us –

1) If you have been misclassified by DriveABLE

2) were called numbers of times, harassed, by DriveABLE personnel to go and take their test

3) threatened by a physician, that you will not get your license if you do not take DriveABLE test.

4) failed DriveABLE but passed on-road test

5) failed mental test (Simard MD) and were then sent for DriveABLE. Test.

6) directed by physician that you were not to drive home from doctor’s office because you failed Simard MD (mental) test.