"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

DriveAble driving test. Say NO.

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It has been reported to us that seniors seeking

to renew their driving license, who request a

physical & a Medical Examination for Motor Vehicle

Operators Form from their physician, are being

denied the Form. Rather they are being directed to a private

agency, DriveAble.

Then without the senior’s permission, in violation of

all privacy rights, the physician or a primary care nurse,

publishes their personal health information to DriveAble.

Aggressive DriveAble personnel then repeatedly phone 

the elderly person, strongly urging them to come for a 

DriveAble  computer test.  The testing costs $200.00 or

$250.00 depending upon the location.  Many older seniors

are not computer literate & report failures to us.

It has also been reported to us that seniors who successfully

passed their road driving test but failed a DriveAble test,

 were denied a driving license by Alberta Motor Vehicles 


Seniors must say NO to DriveAble test. 

Call us at 780 438 8314 or 780 432 5065.