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DriveABLE, product of Alberta Deal Generator

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Since the Alberta Deal Generator program started working with clients throughout Alberta:

  • 19 companies were showcased to the investor network in 2004
  • 15 companies presented at investor forums from January to September 2005
  • 6 of these companies received financing offers resulting from “pitches” at these forums
  • $10 million in financing has been facilitated from these initial offers
  • $30 million in additional investment has been leveraged after the initial financings

More than 140 accredited investors are participating in the Alberta Deal Generator’s Investor Network, making it the largest investor network in Canada. This network represents over $400 million in available capital.

Examples of recent deals facilitated by Alberta Deal Generator involving companies include:

  • $4.8 million equity investment into QSV Biologics Ltd. (QSV), an Edmonton-based contract drug manufacturer, helps firm deliver contract manufacturing services to the global biopharmaceutical industry.
  • $1 million private financing in Calgary’s Urban Dispatch Logistics Inc. through the Howard Group Inc. – an Alberta-based private company – combined with attraction of CEO helps the tech company expand its market reach and enhance operations.
  • $2.8 million private financing in Calgary-based Zymeta Corporation from Hokanson Capital – an Alberta-based private equity company – helps expand market operations.
  • $1-million investment into Edmonton-based DriveABLE Assessment Centres Inc. helps bring to communities across North America a proven method for identifying medically unsafe drivers. Financing came from Foundation Equity Corporation, an angel capital group based in St. Albert


[Source] via Alberta Deal Generator


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