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DriveAble & Simard MD testing

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July 10, 2012,  Director of Driver Fitness & Monitoring, Olga

Tavares, Ministry of Transportation, informed us by letter that:

Alberta Transportation does not require that individuals complete a 

 Simard MD or DriveAble assessment for renewal of their Operator’s 


Nevertheless, we continue to receive anguished calls from seniors

 (& families) across Alberta who are being subjected to these tests. 

They also tell us, that they feel threatened and intimidated by calls from 

DriveAble. Once referred to this private for profit agency, their personnel 

repeatedly call them, advising them that if they fail to attend for the 

assessment, they will lose their license to drive.

  The Honourable Fred Horne, informed us that this is a pilot project 

not every physician cooperates with this protocol.

  Former Transport Ministers, Luke Oullette & Ray  Danyluk have 

stated in written correspondence that the:

 “tool has been validated against actual driving (Simard MD) “.

However in 2011, random testing of high profile citizens, all actively 

employed, was carried out in one Alberta community.  All except two

failed the Simard MD, including one Cabinet Minister.

Thus one must conclude, that the Simard MD is not a valid indicator 

of one’s driving ability.

  We know individuals who failed the Simard MD &  DriveAble

tests but were allowed to take a road test which they  passed easily.

“Put an eight-year-old in front of the computer and it’s possible they

would pass the test. But that doesn’t mean the child is fit for the roads.” 

Carol Libman CARP

Rhetoric such as “medically at risk” is used to convince us of scientific 

authenticity. In fact we can name individuals who are not “medically at 

risk”, were required to submit to these tests, pay the $250 or $350. fee  & be

abused by the process.

It has been reported that in 2000, DriveAble grossed close to four million 

dollars.  That was then, what is it now?

We allege this to be a massive, multi-million dollar scam perpetrated

by government & private interests.against the older citizens of this province 

Unfortunately, some physicians have bought into this corrupt protocol.