"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

Elder Abuse Alberta

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Across the province, hundreds of older Albertans are languishing
in uncomfortable, active treatment hospital beds.
These hapless individuals receive minimal nursing care, receive
no mental or physical stimulation / exercise, are not allowed
off the ward, never taken out of doors for fresh air, some
detained for as long as a year.
They are made to wear pyjamas 24/7, (some canary yellow) thus
if they wish to escape, cannot do so.

Some time ago, we visited one such detained senior. He was a
big man, well over six feet. It was obvious that he did not fit
the bed, he looked most uncomfortable. He said the room was cold
at night. He had been detained in that Royal Alex Hospital bed
for over six months. He cried, and said to us. “Please help me
to get out of here”.
It must be understood that seniors detained in active treatment beds,
are not getting a free ride. Classified as ‘long- term care’ patients,
they must pay between $1500 & $1800. for monthly room & board.
For the payment of their nursing care, long-term care patients under
the Canada Health Act, are allotted thousands of Federal Health Care
dollars every month. Where does that money go?
The Broda Report published that over 500 long term care beds were
needed. That was 1999.
Can you imagine animals being mistreated in this way?