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Elder abuse by the click of a pen.

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I think the unfairness of this test begins right in the doctor’s office.
My husband doesn’t like going for medicals to begin with & after the
medical the doctor brought out a “pop quiz”. My husband has a very low
literacy and language skills and the doctor had a strong accent.
He missed by about 3 words so the doctor checked the box for Driveable.
He got the letter and I called to make the appointment and was informed
that “I” would be the one to show him how to work the computer.

He has never touched a computer or video game and is very intimidated
by them. Now, someone has told him, he has to go all the way to
Kelowna to take the stupid test. That adds a financial hardship for
us into the mix as the doctor charged $100 for his visit. Stress,
stress and more stress! All this has really done a number on his
confidence by making him feel he is “stupid and dumb” because he
missed the quiz at the doctors.
What a mess, that someone you barely know, can ruin your enjoyment
of life with the click of a pen.