"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

Elder Suicide Berwyn Lodge

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Berwyn Autumn Lodge

CAO Richard Walisser, North Peace Housing Foundation
Elderly Residents vacate Lodge by September 30, 2017
No discussion with Autumn Lodge residents.
Information relayed to seniors by Lodge Manager.

No Meeting with Honourable Ms. Lori Sigurdson
Minister of Seniors and Housing-
Though some Berwyn persons paid $50.00 to attend a “meet and greet” in Grimshaw,
AB in order to meet the Minister and bring Lodge the matter to her attention.

For months seniors have been in great distress because of the threat
of being uprooted and being relocated across the Peace area.

A senior has taken his life, in his room, at the Lodge.
Everyone, staff at the Lodge, first responders & others have been strongly instructed
not to discuss matter with resident seniors.

Told it is a FOIP matter.
Today however, apparently intervention persons will be attending to talk with seniors.

Yesterday, a family member of one of the residents was called by the mother’s doctor
to tell her that her mother was seriously suicidal.

As has happened here in Edmonton when Ottewell Lodge was closed to seniors
and they were widely moved, separated, a most painful event. The building, was not failing,
as we had been told by a City of Edmonton Councillor, it was used for another designation.
The building is now used to house Alzheimer patients. We have visited residents there.
Similarly the closing of Vilna Care centre where one beloved senior died 3 weeks later.