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General Hospital Neglect

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Complaint Received By Email

XXXXXXXXX, has Alzeimers and is a resident of the General Hospital. XXXXXX has been there for 9 months and in those 9 months confined to a wheelchair from 8am to 8pm, in a Depends that was not changed until a week ago (9 months in a depends all day). I have been trying to get my sister into a Geri chair that would totally recline as well as sit upright so she could move it with her feet.
I have gone to

1) Honourable Minister of Health, Sarah Hoffman 8 times,

2) Covenant Health,

3) Alberta Human Rights

4) MLA David Shepherd

They all fail to help my sister.
They tell me it has to go through her husband, who will not do this for her. I find it inhuman, and frankly abusive.
No one holds her husband accountable for his failure to help his wife.
The food at the General is almost beyond eating. I have seen people get meals with a bun and not meat, no condiments, no fluids on their tray, sometimes no cutlery.
My sister is unable to feed herself, so has to be fed. Sometimes she waits a very long time for this to be done. Our family is up daily to make sure she is cared for. Her husband does not want us involved in any decision making yet, he will not get her in a proper, fitting chair. What can be done for my sister?