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In an aging society, driving with dementia may be the new impaired driving | Toronto Star

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Queen’s University has put forward a troubling study.
In Alberta, dramatic measures have already been taken which we
believe to be precipitous.
In Alberta the Simard MD and DriveABLE protocol are in wide use.
Older Albertans across the province are having their lives disrupted & devastated by this protocol.
– A man, fully employed, who drives to work went to have the required physical exam, (at 75 years
of age, one must pass a physical exam to renew one’s license) was blindsided by the Simard MD.
He was told he scored too low, therefore could not drive until he took a DriveABLE test.
– Another man, who for a month had pulled a holiday 3-wheeler across a neighbouring province
was instructed he could not drive home from the doctor’s office because he failed a Simard test.
– A lady told us that after having been subjected to the Simard MD she fought to re-obtain her
license. She said it cost her well over $1,000.
Affected seniors are fighting back but the emotional & financial cost is high.
-In 2011, random testing of high profile citizens, all actively employed, was carried out in one Alberta
community. All except two failed the Simard MD, including an Alberta MLA, a sitting Cabinet Minister.
Would anyone suggest that these individuals are not fit to drive? Of course not, that would be absurd.
However when a senior fails the Simard MD test, they are deemed to be cognitively impaired.
They may be immediately told, that they are not safe to drive home from the doctor’s office.
We have been advised by academics who have reviewed the Simard MD that this testing
sets up the senior for failure, not only by the nature of the questions but also by the way
the test is scored.
The almost guaranteed failure then results in the senior being directed (funnelled) to the $250. (+ GST) DriveABLE computer test.
The DriveABLE test is sponsored by the multi-million dollar, private for profit enterprise, the DriveABLE Assessment Corp. Inc.
Across the country, every time a senior is processed through DriveABLE, it is registered at their central office, Edmonton, AB.
& DriveABLE Assessment Corp. Inc. gets paid, like going through a Disney Land turnstile.
The company also sells its software as franchises to hospitals, driving schools and some independent businesses
DriveABLE Assessment Corp. Inc. is a product of Alberta Deal Generator, the largest investor network in Canada
which represents over $400 million in available capital. A $1-million investment into Edmonton-based
DriveABLE Assessment Centres made by Foundation Equity Corporation in 2005, an
Angel Capital Group based in St. Albert, AB. is touted in 2013 by Alberta Deal Generator as one of four,
top lucrative investments.
– In Alberta, this matter of senior testing was totally hidden for the reason that seniors are humiliated and too
chagrined to admit failure. However, when we began posting this on our website, the matter became public &
we are receiving complaints of injustice and unfairness, outraged family members call us who believe that
their family member has the ability to safely operate a vehicle.

The carnage on Alberta roads is not caused by older Albertans but carnage of
lives of older Albertans is happening, almost on a daily basis.

Ontarians need to be aware of what they are proposing to do
to their older tax-paying citizens.