"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."

Jeanne Marie Hackama – Open Arms Group Home

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Jeanne Marie Hackama plead guilty to assault at Court of Queens Bench Court thismorning, Madame Justice D.A. Sulyma presiding. The criminal investigationrevealed that Hackama withheld food and hydration from these most vulnerable,defenceless persons. Madame Justice noted that the defendant was

It was noted in the court that the Public Guardian’s Office had failed
to act on complaints of violence and abuse concerning the Open Arms Home. As a matter of fact we have been informed that a Public Guardian Officer
defended the home, stating that it was an excellent home,even though he was the court appointed guardian for the victim.

Though we are not happy with the suspended sentence, we are gratified thatthere has been some accountability in regard to the unspeakable mistreatment
of elderly and handicapped. Today has been precedent setting.
December 2, 2011