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Karen Zygmunski sentenced for criminal breach of trust and theft

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Karen Zygmunski of Edmonton, AB. who had been the court
appointed trustee of her mother, charged with CRIMINAL
BREACH OF TRUST & THEFT OVER $5,000, an indictable
offence. On August 13/13, Zygmunski was given a suspended
sentence & $800. fine.
In March 2010, Lillian B. went to a bank where she had savings
in order to withdraw $20. She was strongly told by bank staff,
she had no right to her money, that since 2008,she was under
Trusteeship of her daughter.
In total shock, in the following months & years, she was able to
learn that the 2008 Court Application for Trusteeship was an
ex parte Application. Though never served notification, court
documents or any information concerning the Hearing, she
diligently informed herself concerning the matter.
One of the bizarre ironies of this story is, that for two full years,
from 2008 to 2010, this lady paid her bills & managed her
finances, even though, she was under court appointed trusteeship
A trusteeship exists because of alleged failure to be able to
manage one’s finances.
We witnessed first hand the incredible anguish and suffering of this
mother by an abusive system which allegedly exists to protect
Alberta citizens but in essence facilitates elder abuse. The lady
The sentence is a loud clear message to all individuals, who prey on
elderly for their finances, that it is essentially open season