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Lisa Goltman Fatality Inquiry

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Detective Niehaus of the Edmonton Police Service, testified
this morning to the Fatality Inquiry, Edmonton Provincial Court
of Lisa Rachel Goltman.
He informed the court that when 22 year old Lisa Goltman was
found unresponsive in a secure cell at 3:00 AM on May 4, 2013
at the Alberta Hospital Edmonton, RIGOR MORTIS had already set in.
Nevertheless, staff were attempting to perform CPR, resuscitate
her. Ambulance was called @ 3:25 AM. Allegedly she was found
wrapped/ covered in a STRONG BLANKET.

Lisa had been severely injured weeks earlier, March 26, 2013, on the
same unit where staff alleged that she had fallen. The injuries
necessitated a trip to the emergency ward.
A fellow patient said that Lisa had been “thrown down” by staff
(takedown). However Detective Niehaus denied that the serious injuries
had been caused by anything other than an accident.

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In the afternoon of the Inquiry, Valerie Anneixon RPN, who graduated
as RPN from Alberta Hospital in 1985, who had worked there since, gave
She told that Lisa had, had a pleasant visit with family that afternoon.
She also informed the Court that Lisa had pleasure and was even calmed
by listening to music on her I Pod.
However at 9:30 PM, according to the rules, patients have to go to bed &
all items such as the IPod have to be turned in to staff.
As one person at the Inquiry stated, that is when World War III began.

Lisa did not wish to part with the iPod and staff were determined to
enforce the rules.
Nurse Valerie said the rules are posted on the wall.
Thus Valerie called Security, Lisa was physically removed to the secure
cell without the I Pod.
Testimony was conflicting as to whether her legs had been secured by a
strong blanket or whether a strong blanket was given to her because it
was cold.
(A STRONG BLANKET is a stiff piece of canvas).
Allegedly she was placed in the cell shortly after 11:00 PM.
However when one takes into account the testimony as to how she was monitored
by staff and by whom, that testimony is questionable.

PRN orders for restraining & medicating patients are written well IN ADVANCE.
Orders had been written by DR. KRISTA LEICHT, Psychiatrist.
Such Orders allow ward staff to make strong decisions, with out any attending
physician present. Decisions as to restraint by means of a STRONG BLANKET,
securing legs, seclusion, administering massive doses of medication.
It was called to the attention of the Court by attending Lawyer, Mr. Allan Garber,
who spoke for Lisa’s family, that there was WRITTEN POLCY that family or Guardians
should be consulted as to a patient being secluded. Lisa’s family had not been
Lisa died.
Testimony indicated that STAFF WERE MONITORING HER, from outside the secure cell,
The Inquiry will continue until April 16, 2016.
Judge L. Stevens presiding. 05/04/16