"Rise in the presence of the aged, and show respect for the elderly."



We have been told that Thursday noon, December 4/08, Lorraine Adolph was last seenleaving Building # 12, Alberta Hospital Edmonton, 17480 Fort Road, for a smoke.Who unlocked the doors forher to exit the locked unit?Were the certificates disregarded?A family member had begged the Stony Plain physician to not send her to themental hospital. Despite snow and cold, professional staff of the geriatric unit failed to notify policethat she was missing.Two days later, North Division police officers put out a missing persons notice.One week later, December 11/08 @8:15AM, a police officer searched thenorth end of theHospital property where a body was found. It was the body of Ms. Adolph.Initially, the police had apparently been informed thatthe grounds had been searched byAlberta Hospital security.
Search or no search, if, her body was on the grounds, why was her body not found days earlier?Patients and staff continually walk throughout the hospitalgrounds.Alberta Health announced it would launch an investigation in the matterThe matter of the death of Lorraine Adolph cries out fora thorough police investigation.Professional staff have a duty of care to vulnerable persons whom they detain behind locked doors.The lady died. There appears to be strong evidence of criminal negligence on the part of a number of persons.
” Physicians have a powerful quasi-judicial position in society in that they can detain lawful citizens behind locked doors and remove all property and human rights”.