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Misinformed Family Members

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My mother died last year in hospital, because the doctor dealing with her decided her life wasn’t worth the expenses.

She wasn’t in a coma, she was fully conscious to the last breath.

The doctor [was] supposed to save her life, or at least care for her, ignored her diabetes and put her on Morphine. She died a horrible death, like a criminal on a death row. We were not informed of their decision, not even explained what happened to lead to that. When our priest commented [on] the use of morphine, one nurse replied annoyed, “doctor’s order”. I found out how she died when I started to ask questions re-garding [sic] the fact that she was on no monitors for heart or blood pressure, although they said she had a heart attack.

The “heart attack” eventually occurred over 24 hours of intenssive [sic] morphine.

Can you help me? Thanks.