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North Peace Housing Foundation continues to bully and abuse seniors

February 15, 2018

6780 – 103 Avenue
Peace River, Alberta T8S 0B6

The following is a quote from an article in

MILE ZERO NEWS February 14, 2018.

“After Reese read the offer, the board agreed it was unclear as to whether the offer was for only the remaining six year-round residents at Autumn Lodge, or if NPHF would be permitted to allow other residents to move back into the lodge, with a firm closing date of December 2019.”

And so, before this was clarified — a vote was taken to close the Autumn Lodge!!!


Some options:
1. Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1867 and with modern technology, a phone call could have been placed from Peace River to Edmonton for less than $5.00.
2. Canada Post still does provide mail service between Peace River and Edmonton and to mail a letter would cost less than $2.00.
3. And then there is a new communication called “EMAIL” that, if you have a computer, you can get a written message from Peace River to Edmonton for “almost” free and in minutes.

The Board members have failed their ratepayers and taxpayers!!!! It is the Board’s mandate to provide Senior Housing for their families, friends and neighbours. Not now — the lodges are full and the Board chooses to close the Autumn Lodge and have no where to place the Seniors looking for residence.

The Board members have failed the Provincial Government’s formation of regional Seniors Housing Board. Now you have really proven you are a “dysfunctional” board, and you cannot provide Seniors housing now or in the near future!!!

Yours truly,


Our Complaint Concerning North Peace Housing Foundation

February 6, 2018

ATTENTION – CAO Richard Walisser, Ms. Sandra Eastman, Chair,
North Peace Housing Foundation (NPHF).

REFERENCE CAO Richard Walisser, et al (NPHF)

COMPLAINT Reference CAO Richard Walisser et al.

We allege:

1) On the morning of July 17, 2017, verbally abused frail, elderly pioneers for well over an hour.

2) Failed to treat elderly citizens with dignity and respect.

3) Virulent elder abuse which caused severe emotional harm.

4) Failed to provide a safe and secure environment which is

necessary for well-being and quality of life.

5) Demonstrated disregard for the fact that numbers of these residents were very elderly, vulnerable seniors, who were frail and in fragile health.


On the morning of July 17, 2017, in a meeting at the Autumn Lodge, we allege that CAO Richard Walisser, NHPF et al verbally abused seniors for over an hour citing that they cost too much money. For that reason, they were being evicted and must evacuate the premises by September 30th, 2017. They were also informed that after that September date, they would receive no assistance to move or even perhaps, have no place to relocate to.
. . . . . /2

The residents were instructed that within the next two weeks they had to make a decision as to where they would move to and be moved out of the lodge by the end of September.

Numbers of the resident listeners were vulnerable seniors, frail and in fragile health, some standing at the end of life. Some have since died.

Family members who might have provided support to their elderly loved ones had not been invited to attend.



A determination had been made by the North Peace Housing Foundation that the elderly pioneers of Berwyn Autumn Lodge were costing too much money.
Therefore with callous efficiency, CAO Walisser et al, determined that they would evict the residents. Thus a Directive ordered that the elderly must vacate and relocate.


During the week of 10th to 14th of July, 2017, Autumn Lodge seniors were schlepped from one housing unit to another. By July 24th, 2017, they were to have permanently selected another room.

Because there had been failure to give residents a six month notice, the date to vacate was reset for April 30, 2018.


Lodge residents were in shock, frightened, destabilized, severely distressed.

– One man committed suicide. He died of inflicted trauma at the Grande Prairie Hospital.

– A physician notified / warned the family member of another Resident that the Resident was severely suicidal.

– One elderly resident was quoted as saying publicly: “I am disoriented, confused, overwhelmed, astounded scared and distraught”

-, Another resident when interviewed said:
“I feel terrible because I don’t want to move any place else,” “You don’t treat your old people like that,” “I don’t want to leave”.

in the early week of March, another resident passed away, who had told

everyone that she was not moving. She didn’t. She died. She was in her 90’s.

PACE had been called on site to counsel lodge residents (PACE)
– Providing Assistance, Counselling, & Education –Grande Prairie


If there had not been incredible pushback by loved ones, friends, family and community, the Lodge would have been closed September 2017.


It must be understood that when older persons leave their homes and move into senior’s housing, lodges, they do so with severe reluctance.

It must be further understood that when they enter any form of senior’s housing it is for the reason that they are not able to manage well anymore. Perhaps they have become somewhat frail, cannot manage the cooking, the laundry, climb the stairs of their big old home.

They have worked hard over a lifetime to accomplish / acquire, these things. They oftentimes built them with their own hands and now because of age and sometimes failing health, they are forced to abandon them.

It must also be understood, that frail, elderly persons need care and protection much like children.

The AUTUMN LODGE building.

We question the statement published by the Foundation concerning the failure of the building. We have heard similar accounts before. We believe that the Autumn Lodge already has been given another designation.

The Ottewell Lodge in South Edmonton was a lovely home for seniors, we visited there often. However In 2009, we were given negative information concerning the Lodge. A City of Edmonton Council member (who recently passed away) strongly informed us that the Ottewell Lodge building was in disrepair. The heating system was in total disrepair.

The elderly Lodge residents were evicted. It was most distressing and awful. We then learned that there was intent to close Alberta Hospital Edmonton and some of the patients had been designated to moved to this site * even prior to the closing of the Ottewell Lodge.
*“Senior mental health official to resign”CBC News Posted: Sep 09, 2009 10:15 AM
“CBC News has learned that some patients could be moving to two facilities in the city: Ottewell Lodge, a recently-closed senior’s home in the east end”.

Ottewell Lodge has since been renamed, Ottewell Manor. We have also visited elderly there.


EDMONTON – A new, local housing facility is now providing affordable, lodge-level care for up to 38 people, ages 55 to 65, who have addiction and/or mental health issues.

Ottewell Manor, which celebrates its official grand opening today, is the result of a multi-partnered housing initiative involving Greater Edmonton Foundation (GEF) Seniors Housing, Alberta Health Services (AHS), and Alberta Municipal Affairs.
“This initiative is an excellent example of the importance of partnership in providing innovative solutions to meet the health care needs of this province,” says Fred Horne, Minister of Health. “A positive collaborative spirit exists between all parties involved. This facility answers a real and growing need for options in our communities for people with complex needs.”

Partners involved in the initiative provide targeted, individual supports for residents, who require various levels of care for their physical, medical and mental health needs.

How hypocritical.
The evicted seniors were lied to.
Everyone was lied to by the powers that be.


Our Government, Ministry of Seniors and Housing has said publicly it would work with the North Peace Housing Foundation to try to make certain that the transition for seniors is smooth. How can the eviction of elderly persons from their homes, ever be smooth?

Finally, we are grass roots people who not only know those who hold the power but throughout the years have witnessed their too often disrespect, arrogance and even contempt for the defenceless, vulnerable elderly. This is an example of that.
CAO Walisser et al have demonstrated wonton and reckless disregard for the duty of care they owe to Autumn Lodge residents.

We are outraged by what has been purposely and knowingly done to these elderly pioneers. We strongly submit that there needs to be general condemnation of the perpetrators of this cited elder abuse.
Thank you.

Yours most truly,

The Honourable Minister of Seniors, Ms. Lori Sigurdson.
Friends of the Autumn Lodge, Berwyn, AB.