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The Auditor’s General’s Report did not go far enough.

The Report fails to accurately address the issues of the denial of rights, mistreatment and neglect of vulnerable persons in care facilities such as the too frequent:

Failure to provide safe ethical, compassionate, nursing care which results in
deadly bed sores, neglect and even death.

Failure to provide adequate nutrition and hydration to those who are unable to feed themselves..

Failure to assist frail persons to the toilet, rather they are “trained” to use a diaper
and then instructed to “Use your diaper”.

Failure to provide simple exercising (walking, limb rotation), physiotherapy, Persons walk into the facility and within days are totally bedridden.

Placing frail, elderly in close proximity to physically aggressive individuals resulting in injuries and sometimes death.

Failure to provide mental or physical stimulation results in withdrawal, depression.

Barring of family, friends or advocates from attending / trespass notices

Lack of bathing – which leads to indignity, poor hygiene, infections.

. Theft of resident belongings

Leaving in wheelchair for 12 to 14 hours.

Until there is recognition that violation of human rights and inhuman treatment constitute elder mistreatment, the Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society has difficulty believing that any profound changes will result.

Press Conference
WEDNESDAY, August 17, 2005 – 11:00 AM
Old Timers Cabin
9430 Scona Road, Edmonton, AB.

On July 29, 2005, the Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society
filed a class action against the
Province of Alberta and the nine Health Regions in the Province.

The claim relates to the accommodation rate increase that took effect August 1, 2003 which over the past two years amounts to one hundred and twenty eight million, seven hundred thousand dollars ($128,700,000) for the 13,437 Alberta residents affected.

The essence of the claim is that while there was a 40% increase in long term care fees charged to nursing home residents, the defendants reduced health care funding for nursing homes.

In the Government’s Press Release of June 17, 2003, it was claimed that the accommodation rate increase would “improve the quality of resident care services”.
It is a matter of public record that this did not happen.

The Statement of Claim alleges that by raising the accommodation charge and failing to adequately fund health care, the Defendants acted in bad faith and with careless disregard for the interests of the class members.

Mr. Allan Garber of Parlee McLaws
is representing the
Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society.

Elder Advocates Of Alberta Society
Media Release
September 7, 2005

In May 2005, The Honourable Iris Evans, Minister of Health and Wellness and the Honourable Yvonne Fritz, Minister of Alberta Seniors and Community Supports established the Task Force on Continuing Health Service and Accommodation Standards with the goal of restoring public confidence in continuing care health services and accommodation in Alberta.

Task Force members included:
· MLA Raymond Prins, Lacombe-Ponoka, Chairman
· MLA Len Webber, Calgary – Foothills,
· MLA Bridget Pastoor, Lethbridge – East

MLA Long Term Care
Task Force Report

Though we applaud the prompt release of the Report, we find it troubling that it fails to address the serious difficulties which exist in our long term care system.

The Report fails to reflect the level of concern and serious allegations of systemic neglect which were brought forward by family members and
others at the hearings.

Furthermore the Report fails to address the matter of accountability, nor does it give any indication that the matter of accountability will be fully addressed in the future.
Because this Task Force Review appears to have spawned nothing more than a vague policy document, we fear that this may be just another Report in a long line of Reports which have emanated from government and which government has disregarded for over thirty years.